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How to Complete FIFA 22 TOTW Player Upgrade SBC

FIFA 22 TOTW Upgrade SBC

A new SBC has been released, offering you the opportunity to grab a TOTW player. Of course, nothing is given for free. So, we will show you the most economical and optimal way to finish all the TOTW Player Upgrade SBC objectives. Let’s look at how to complete the FIFA 22 TOTW Player Upgrade SBC and check out the best solutions.

TOTW is the type of player card given to players of outstanding performances in a specific week. All TOTW players are upgrades to their regular bronze, silver, or gold cards, with significant improvement in some of their attributes.

FIFA 22 TOTW Player Upgrade SBC Rewards

You can get an Untradable TOTW player from Week 1-5 or a current TOTW player. Below are all the TOTW players in the current week. This SBC is repeatable, which means you can finish this SBC multiple times, especially on the week of the player you are after.

FIFA 22 TOTW Player Upgrade SBC Requirements

As a normal SBC, you will have to build a squad that meets certain requirements. Here are the complete set of requirements you need to fulfill for this SBC

  • Team Rating: Min 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70
  • Number of Players in the Squad: 11

As we have mentioned before, FIFA22 has been experiencing a huge market crash when the prices of mostly ever player cards, except ICONs, keep declining gradually, making some players are assessed in half, even one-third of their worth in FIFA 21.

So, in general, you don’t need many coins for SBCs as it used to be in previous FIFA titles. However, if you are on a budget, or maybe you are saving for top-tier players and you don’t want to spend excessive coins unnecessarily, here are some optimal solutions you can look for. All the references used below are from

FIFA 22 TOTW Player Upgrade SBC Solution 1

The first solution runs around 12,400 coins on PS platforms, 13,950 on Xbox, and 14,050 on the Origin PC (as of October 27, 2021).

FIFA 22 TOTW Player Upgrade SBC Solution 2

The second solution runs around 12,450 coins on PS platforms, 14,850 on Xbox, and 13,900 on the Origin PC (as of October 27, 2021).

A friendly reminder for anyone new to the SBC: If you build a squad based on a reference from somewhere on the Internet but then realize your Team Chemistry is lower than expected and cannot meet the requirement, please play 10 games in any mode with that squad to get 1 bonus loyalty chemistry point for each player.

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