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How to Get Gold Bullion in Fallout 76

How to Get Gold Bullion in Fallout 76

Here’s a fun fact: gold holds inherent value in society because it’s rare enough that not everyone can get it, but not to the point of being prohibitive. It’s also immune to most forms of corrosion, so it’s easy and safe to store long-term. I guess that explains why gold would have any value in a post-apocalyptic wasteland; the world could get soaked in radiation, and there’d still be gold to go around. Here’s how to get gold bullion in Fallout 76.

Gold bullion is a secondary currency in Fallout 76 introduced in the Wastelanders update. After you complete the Wastelanders questline, you’ll get your first lump payment of gold bullion, which can be used to purchase limited goods and services including but not limited to equipment, mods, crafting plans and blueprints, and reputation changes. Since it is gold, the stuff isn’t exactly laying around in the street, but there are a few ways to get more of it if you’re a proactive sort.

How to Get Gold Bullion in Fallout 76

First and foremost, if you’ve got a surplus of caps on hand, you can trade them for gold bullion from Smiley over at the Wayward in Appalachia. For 1,000 caps, he’ll give you 50 pieces of gold, though there’s a hard weekly limit of 300 pieces of gold that Smiley is willing to trade you. If you bleed him dry, you’ll have to come back in a week.

Besides Smiley, you can also receive Treasury Notes worth gold bullion by participating in rotating public events, as well as daily settler and raider quests. One Treasury Note can be exchanged for ten pieces of gold at a gold press machine. These machines only carry 200 pieces of gold at a time, so if it runs out, you’ll have to wait approximately 20 hours for a restock. Like with Smiley, there’s also a hard limit of 400 pieces of gold you can obtain from Treasury Notes in a single day, so even if you go to a different gold press, you can’t get any more once you hit your limit.

If you squeeze Smiley and Treasury Notes to their absolute maximum, you could potentially rake in 1,700 pieces of gold bullion in a single week. You’ll be a regular Scrooge McDuck in no time.

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