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Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Item Shop

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Item Shop

What’s in the Fall Guys item shop today? Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale game from Mediatonic and Devolver Digital. There is a progression system in which you can unlock new cosmetics, including outfits, colors, patterns, emotes, celebrations, faceplates, and more. You can also purchase cosmetics from the Fall Guys item shop.

Items for sale change every day in the shop, so you can refer to our Fall Guys Item Shop guide to see what’s available on any given day. We update this page daily, so you’ll always know what’s up for grabs at the in-game store. The shop has two categories of items: featured items and regular items.

Fall Guys Item Shop today: October 18

Here’s a look at what’s available in the item shop today:

Featured items in Fall Guys update every three days at 8:00 AM ET. The items in this category are higher rarity and more expensive than regular items. Here are the Fall Guys featured skins today:

10,000 Kudos
Valkyrie (Upper)
7,000 Kudos
Rainbow (Nameplate)
2 Crowns

Regular Items

The regular items update daily at 8:00 AM ET. These are generally cheaper and more common than featured items. All players see different regular items depending on what they own already. Here’s a look at our regular items for today:

Stitches (Pattern)
3,000 Kudos
Knockout (Lower)
2,000 Kudos
Knockout (Upper)
2,000 Kudos
Beach Day (Color)
1,400 Kudos
Banana Water (Pattern)
2 Crowns
Stars (Pattern)
2 Crowns

Kudos Bundles

You can buy bundles of Kudos, which is an in-game currency for Fall Guys. The Kudos Bundles are as follows:

  • Tiny Kudos Bundle: 12,500 Kudos ($4.99)
  • Small Kudos Bundle: 27,500 Kudos, ($9.99)
  • Large Kudos Bundle: 78,000 Kudos, ($24.99)
  • Giant Kudos Bundle: 170,000 Kudos, ($49.99)

Fall Guys DLC Store

There is also a DLC Store within the item shop, which allows you to purchase any downloadable content for Fall Guys. 

Dragon Hugger Pack: $5

Released on October 8, the Dragon Hugger costume pack features three fantasy-style medieval skins.

  • Knight
  • Wizard
  • Dragon

Fall Guys: Fast Food Costume Pack: $5

  • Burger (Upper, Lower)
  • Fries (Upper, Lower)
  • Slushie (Upper, Lower)
Fall Guys Fast Food Costume Pack

Fall Guys Collectors Pack: $10

  • 10,000 Kudos
  • Robot Emote
  • Ecto Pirate (Upper, Lower)
  • Fairycorn (Upper, Lower)
  • Astronaut (Upper, Lower)
Fall Guys Collectors Editions DLC

Fall Guys Item Shop FAQ

How do I get to the item shop in Fall Guys?

To get to the item shop in Fall Guys, look for the cart icon on the top of the screen. It’s the second icon from the right in the group of five. Click on the shopping cart to open the item shop.

What are Kudos in Fall Guys?

Kudos are a type of in-game currency in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. You can use Kudos to purchase cosmetics like outfits, colors, patterns, emotes, celebrations, faceplates, and more.

How do you get Crowns in Fall Guys?

Crowns are another type of currency, other than Kudos, in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. You can earn them primarily through winning games, but you can also earn some from leveling during the season.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is available on PC via Steam and PlayStation 4 via PlayStation Plus.

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