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Fall Guys Season 1 Rewards: Crowns, Kudos, and Cosmetics

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Season 1 Rewards

Are you looking for a list of the Fall Guys Season 1 rewards? Fall Guys is the new massively multiplayer battle royale game from Mediatonic. Players compete against other players in courses that progressively get more challenging. The game has a leveling system, where players earn FAME by competing in shows.

Shows are a series of levels that are selected at random when the match starts. Qualifying on each episode gets your character FAME. The amount you get depends on what place you finish. Your FAME accumulates during the show and gets awarded to you when you either win or get eliminated.

There are two-month long seasons in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. During this time, players can level their character up to level 40 and collect a variety of rewards. Here’s a list of the Fall Guys Season 1 rewards. 

Fall Guys Season 1 Rewards

2500 KudosCurrency
51 CrownsCurrency
6PigeonCostume (Lower)
8Squiggly CamoPattern
9PigeonCostume (Upper)
101000 KudosCurrency
13RookieCostume (Lower)
141500 KudosCurrency
15Citrus BlastColor
182500 KudosCurrency
19Hot DogCostume
201 CrownsCurrency
22Hot DogCostume (Lower)
233500 KudosCurrency
24Rainbow WaterColor
25ChickenCostume (Lower)
26Paint DippedPattern
27Night SkyColor
28ChickenCostume (Upper)
294500 KudosCurrency
30Pirate JigEmote
321 CrownsCurrency
33HunterCostume (Lower)
34Ocean DreamsColor
35Baby BlueFaceplate
36HunterCostume (Upper)
37Zebra StripesPattern
386000 KudosCurrency
40Jack in a BoxCelebration

Here’s a total list of each reward for season one:

  • 3 Crowns
  • 19,500 Kudos
  • 3 Outfits (uppers and lowers)
  • 7 Patterns
  • 7 Colors
  • 2 Emotes
  • 2 Faceplates
  • 1 Celebration
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