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Fall Guys levels and final stages: complete list

Fall Guys levels and final stages: complete list

Fall Guys is officially live. The new battle royale from Mediatonic and Devolver Digital puts a spin on the traditional battle royale game. Players compete with fifty-nine others in a series of obstacle courses to see who can take the crown. There are twenty-four different Fall Guys levels and final stages at the moment, and we’re going to take a look at all of them in this post.

Fall Guys levels and final stages

There are twenty-four levels in Fall Guys, and they can be separated into four categories:


The most basic Fall Guys levels are ones where you must race to the end. It’s a simple objective that can be done by merely holding forward. However, it’s not always as easy as it sounds, thanks to the obstacles and objects thrown your way. Here’s a list of the nine racing levels in Fall Guys:

  • Dizzy Heights: Make your way across several spinning platforms to get to the end.
  • Door Dash: Try to find the breakable walls and dive through them to finish.
  • Fruit Chute: Make your way up a conveyer belt while avoiding falling fruits launched from cannons.
  • Gate Crash: Hurdle over opening and closing gates, and look out for the donuts.
  • Hit Parade: Dodge all the obstacles and proceed to the end.
  • See Saw: Make your way across a series of seesaws to get to the finish.
  • Slime Climb: Make your way to the top of the mountain while outrunning the slime.
  • The Whirlygig: Look out for the spinning beams as you make your way to the finish.
  • Tip Toe: Try and find the real tiles and create a path to the finish.


Fall Guys survival levels are about, well, surviving. Try and outlast your opponents in a variety of different levels. Here’s a list of the five survival courses in Fall Guys:

  • Block Party: Look out for the incoming walls and make sure to jump over the platforms.
  • Jump Club: Jump over the spinning beams, and make sure you don’t get knocked out by the large overhead one.
  • Perfect Match: In this memory test, you must match the icon on the screen to the tiles on the ground.
  • Roll Out: Maintain your balance while hopping between rotating rings.
  • Tail Tag: Snag a tail by pressing the right trigger and make sure you have one when the timer expires.


In team-based games, players split into teams of two or more. The highest-scoring team(s) move on to the next round. Here’s a list of the seven team-based levels:

  • Egg Scramble: Try and collect the most eggs on your side before time is up. Golden eggs are worth more.
  • Fall Ball: Keep the balls on your side when the timer expires.
  • Hoopsie Daisy: Jump through the rings to score points for your team, with golden rings being worth more.
  • Hoarders: Teams score points for having balls in their zone when the time expires.
  • Jinx: Make the entire opposing team jinxed before yours.
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll: Roll your team’s ball to the finish line before the other teams. 
  • Team Tail Tag: The team with the lowest number of tails at the end gets knocked out.


The finale courses are the most challenging Fall Guys levels and can have only one winner. Whoever reigns supreme gets a crown, which you can use to purchase cosmetics and other Fall Guys skins. Here’s a list of the finale levels:

  • Fall Mountain: Race to the top and grab the crown before the other players.
  • Hex-A-Gone: Make your way across tiles that disappear after you step on them.
  • Jump Showdown: A more intense Jump Club, where players must avoid the spinning beams and sinking floors.
  • Royal Fumble: Grab the tail from another player and hold it when the timer ends.
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