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Escape From Tarkov: All Tagilla Spawn Locations

He's everywhere now.
Image Via Battlestate Games

Halloween and horror video games are the bread and butter of gaming. October is the perfect month for new releases, special events and updates that transform our favorite video games into nightmare fuel products. Battlestate Games’ Escape from Tarkov is one of those games. The Halloween Event has added extra hardcore material for the game, with the Scav Boss Tagilla as its main protagonist. Don’t worry, I got you covered. Today’s guide will talk about all Tagilla spawn locations throughout the game. Tread lightly, game’s on.

All Tagilla Spawn Locations

Image Via Battlestate Games

During this new Halloween Event, there are certain changes that impact the game players play Escape from Tarkov: the malfunction chance for all weapons have been increased; a random event is added at the start of each raid; and, cultist now have a 10-20% more chance to spawn in every map (except Labs). But certainly, the most important update and change is Tagilla’s spawn locations. Normally, Tagilla only spawned in Factory. Now, he spawns everywhere, and that’s frightening. Here is a table to dissect all Tagilla spawn locations:

MapSpawn ChanceSpawn Location
Interchange33%Killa Spawns
Reserve33%Glukhar Spawns
Lighthouse30%Chalet, Lighthouse Island
Shoreline35%East/West Resort, Cottages
Woods22%Big Rocks, Red House, Scav Bunker
Customs29%Dorms, Stronghold, Old Gas Station
Labs33%Floor One, Floor Two
Yep, he’s everywhere indeed.

So, are you ready to raid? Be extra careful now, we know how brutal Tagilla is, so be prepared for an epic and challenging fight with this boss. Oh, by the way, you also need to watch out for other Scavs and other players. So, yeah, good luck.

Escape from Tarkov is available as a closed beta after purchase on Windows. If you like our Escape from Tarkov content, you can check out Humanitarian Supplies Quest Escape from Tarkov Guide and also Best Escape from Tarkov Maps for Beginners.

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