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Dont Move Codes (December 2023)

Get the latest Don't Move codes and claim your freebies before they expire!
Don't Move on Roblox
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Updated: December 1, 2023

Found a new code!

I fell in love with Don’t Move as soon as I started. It’s the perfect little game for lazy Roblox players like me because I hate walking, even in virtual life. The most remarkable thing about it, that’s different from other clicker games, is that you’re not supposed to move—at all! So I tested my patience and collected a few pets and Still points, but I wanted to progress more quickly. 

That’s why I decided to look for some Don’t Move codes. Those that I found gave me enough Still points so that I could become the most static guy on the server! If you’re a fan of clicker games where you don’t have to do too much, you can visit our Clicker Simulator Codes list and claim all the freebies in that game as well!

All Don’t Move Codes Codes List

Working Don’t Move Codes Codes

  • SNOWY SEASON – Still Points (New)
  • SAVE FOR EPIC ITEM TOMORROW – 20,000 Still Points
  • SAVE FOR VALK HELM – 20,000 Still Points
  • OVERNIGHT AFK – 25,000 Still Points
  • GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE – 25,000 Still Points
  • TROLL – 10,000 Still Points
  • GOODNIGHT! -10,000 Still Points
  • DOODLE IS SO CUTE! – 15,000 Still Points
  • YAY DOODLE! – 15,000 Still Points
  • AFK OVERNIGHT! -10,000 Still Points
  • YETI SQUID SOON – 20,000 Still Points
  • CRYSTAL SOON – 10,000 Still Points
  • WHY NOT JUST AFK – 15,000 Still Points
  • CUTE USHANKA SOON – 10,000 Still Points
  • SNOOPY APPRECIATES YOU – 15,000 Still Points
  • SNOOPY LOVES U – 25,000 Still Points

Expired Don’t Move Codes Codes

  • SNOOPY SAYS HI – 15,000 Still Points
  • AFK -13,000k Still Points
  • DISCO PARTY – 32,500k Still Points
  • ZARC ROCKS – 15,000 Still Points
  • GOTTA GO FAST 3 – 40,000 Still Points
  • HAR HAR 30,000 Still Points
  • NOOB30K 30,000 Still Points
  • THANK YOU 10,000 Still Points
  • GALAXY HELM 15,000 Still Points
  • DRAGON HELM – 25,000 Still Points
  • SURPRISE – 10,000 Still Points
  • ZARCWAFFLE 12,500 Still Points
  • BESTUGCGAME – 30,000 Points
  • TOXIC WASTE SET – 21,000 Still Points
  • HURRY – 25,000 Points
  • HALLOWEEN – 10,000 Still Points
  • SNOOPY – 17,500 Still Points
  • ZARC – 10,000 Still Points
  • NOOBS – 5,000 Still Points

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How to redeem codes in Don’t Move 

Redeeming codes in Don’t Move is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to get your free rewards in no time:

How to redeem codes in Don't Move
Screenshot by Gamer Journalist
  1. Launch Don’t Move on Roblox.
  2. Click on the ABX CODES icon on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Copy and paste the code into the Enter Code Here box.
  4. Press the green Redeem button to claim your reward.

Where to find more Don’t Move codes

Fans of Don’t Move can learn more about potential freebies, giveaways, and code drops by joining the official Free UGC Discord server, as developers usually reveal helpful information on that channel. Also, the official Our UGC Roblox group can be a good asset for getting more details about this game. Besides that, we recommend bookmarking this article (CTRL+D) and visiting it from time to time, as we do our best to find all the working codes and put them in one place for your convenience. This way, you don’t have to waste time looking for freebies on your own!

Why are my Don’t Move codes not working?

Redeeming codes in Roblox games can get tricky sometimes. Many of them include numbers, letters, and special symbols that are case-sensitive. For the sake of avoiding typos, we advise you to copy and paste the code you want to use from the list above instead of typing it. 

Also, you may run into an expired code here and there, even if you find it on our Working list. We do our best to keep our lists updated; developers usually don’t specify end dates for their codes, so some slip through the cracks. If you find some invalid codes on our list, let us know in the comments section, and we will investigate it. 

How to get more free rewards in Don’t Move

Besides collecting free rewards by using codes from our list, you can earn prizes in several other ways. You can always rely on the daily rewards that grant you potions, secret pets, and trophies. Also, free spins are available every five minutes while you’re in the game so that you can earn other valuable items and boosts. On top of that, you can chase free Still points on the screen, as they appear in bubbles every now and then.

What is Don’t Move?

Don’t Move is an AFK Roblox game where you’re not supposed to move at all! That sounds easy, but to reach the goal, you must be patient and focused as you click on bubbles with points and collect pets whenever possible in 30-minute rounds. Since it’s an AFK game, you can do something else while it runs, but always keep one eye open because you don’t want to miss those point bubbles if you wish to climb the leaderboard.

If you want to explore more Roblox games with codes, check out our dedicated Roblox Game Codes List for all kinds of goodies in your favorite titles.

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