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Legacy Clickers Codes (December 2023)

Earn free crystals and click using the latest Legacy Clickers codes.
Legacy Clickers Codes

Legacy Clickers is an experience developed by Pixxel Game for the Roblox platform. Legacy Clickers is a well-polished idle clicking game where you purchase increasingly more powerful pets to add up your clicks and crystals. Use your surplus of clicks and crystals to unlock new zones and upgrade your character. To help you get started we have collected all of the latest Legacy Clickers codes below.

Use Legacy Clickers codes to earn free in-game clicks and gems. Use clicks to buy new pets and crystals to upgrade your character and unlock new zones. Codes may expire at any moment to be sure to use them while they last. You can bookmark this page by pressing CTRL+D so you can check back daily for new codes.

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Legacy Clickers codes

Here are the latest Legacy Clickers codes:

  • ytfirD – 10k clicks, 10k crystals
  • NewYear! – 10k clicks, 10k crystals
  • ItsAlright! – 10k clicks, 10k crystals
  • SORRY! – 10k clicks, 10k crystals
  • Gifts! – 10k clicks, 10k crystals
  • Workshop! – 10k clicks, 10k crystals
  • 500KVisits – 10k clicks, 10k crystals
  • 300KVisits – 10k clicks, 10k crystals
  • CHARGED – 10k clicks, 10k crystals
  • 200KVisits – 10k clicks, 10k crystals
  • 600Likes – Triple Boost
  • 1KFavs – 10k clicks, 10k crystals
  • 100KVisits – 10k clicks, 10k crystals
  • 15KMembers – 10k clicks, 10k crystals
  • Sorry! – 5k clicks, 5k crystals
  • CigaPro – 1k clicks, 1k crystals
  • Release – 500 clicks, 500 crystals

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How to redeem codes for Legacy Clickers

To redeem codes for Legacy Clickers, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Legacy Clickers in Roblox.
  2. Find and tap on the twitter icon left.
  3. Enter a working code into the code redemption box.
  4. Tap on the Redeem button to redeem the code.
  5. Enjoy your free in-game rewards.
Legacy Clickers Redeem Codes

How to get more codes for Legacy Clickers

We will be keeping this post consistently updated with the latest Legacy Clickers codes but if you would like to follow the developers for more codes you can check out their Twitter and Discord communities. Follow both of those locations and you may catch some new codes being posted. Don’t forget to bookmark this page which we will be updating on a regular basis.

Legacy Clickers Game Description

Legacy Clickers is a game all about earning clicks and hatching super rare pets to build your legacy as a master clicker!

💰 Click the cursor on your screen to earn clicks!
🥚 Hatch pets to get click and crystal multipliers! (You may even get a Starlight 😉)
🗺️ Unlock and explore new worlds & areas like Candy Land or the Oceanic Kingdom!
🔄 Rebirth using clicks to add a multiplier to every click, these get very expensive the more you get though!

Start your clicking legacy now!

✨ Join the Pixxel Games! group for a FREE pet and some boosts!

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