Division 2 School Hunter Location

The Division 2: Warlords of New York contains a new type of boss known as hunters. There are four total hunters throughout the game, each level 40 and quite difficult. To get the hunters to spawn, you will need to complete a puzzle. This guide will help you find the “school” hunter location.

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Division 2 School Hunter Location

To start the puzzle, head to the laundromat found in the map below. Interact with the machine labeled “23”, which will cause the floodlights to turn red and the fusebox to the right to open up.

Next, head to the garage at the location shown below and get the fuse from the fuse box. You will need to shoot a yellow box on the back of the building in order to open the door.

The fuse box you’re looking for is inside the garage in the corner. After you take the fuse, the lights will turn off.

Now, head back to the laundromat and put the fuse in the fusebox. It’s in the same room where you interacted with the washing machine. Interact with the washing machine again to get the Apartment 23 Key.

Make your way upstairs in the laundromat and open the apartment door. Inside, you’ll find a bunch of spooky numbers on the wall. Interact with them to activate the next part. If you order the numbers by the letters they’re paired with you get the following coordinates:

  • 40.714592, -73.999275

Head to the location, which is shown above on the map. Shoot down the rope here, which you can see in the screenshot below. Follow the path to the SHD cache room.

Following the path leads you to the SHD cache, and a burnt body in the next room with text that says “DARE YOU TO COME CLOSER.” You can interact with the burnt body to continue to the next part. You’ll want to make your way to the school on fire with the fire trucks.

Head over to the school shown in the map above, and you’ll want to interact with the body in front of it. You won’t be able to interact with it until you’ve interacted with the burnt body in the previous step.

Two hunters will spawn and proceed to try and mess your day up. Good luck!

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