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Division 2 Gear Sets TU8

Ubisoft / The Division 2

Geat Sets are a crucial part of the Division 2 endgame progression system. They are unique sets of armor each with their own special buffs and traits. Implementing these gear sets into builds can help round out your character and allow you to make specialized builds.

Here’s a complete list of Gear Sets in The Division 2 Title Update 8.

Division 2 Gear Sets TU8

  • Hard Wired
  • Ongoing Directive
  • True Patriot
  • Aces and Eights
  • Negotiator’s Dilemma
  • Tip of the Spear
  • Foundry Bullwark
  • Future Initiative
  • Striker’s Battlegear
  • System Corruption

An up to date infographic can be found down below, which provides detailed statistics for each gear set, including the set-piece bonuses and unique talents. This graph was made by a user on the Division subreddit, so credit goes to GrirverXVII.

Click on the Division 2 Title Update 8 Gear Sets Infographic above to enlarge the picture and make it more readable.

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