Demonfall patch notes – Update 2.15

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Demonfall is a Roblox experience developed by Fireheart Studio. The Demon Slayer-inspired game launched in mid-2021 and quickly became a fan favorite in the community. One of the reasons for its success is the developers’ commitment to providing consistent updates. Here’s a breakdown of all the past and upcoming Demonfall patch notes, so you can keep track of what has changed and what new content there is in the game.

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New Demonfall patch notes usually include things like balance fixes, new breathing, enemies and bosses, and additional cosmetics. The developers also sometimes release new Demonfall codes during each update, but it’s never a guarantee.

Demonfall Patch Notes

Here are all of the current and upcoming Demonfall patch notes:

Demonfall 2.15 Patch Notes

Mobile adjustments

  • 2V2 Invite working
  • Rush and Emotes button
  • Buttons size fix


  • Music Volume now saves
  • Fast mode for low end PCs
  • Kaigaku name adjusted to UM6
  • Kaigaku EXP adjusted
  • When you use an accessory on Z, it saves as accessory 1, and when used at X it saves as accessory 2


  • 0: 142,058 XP
  • 1: 118,381 XP
  • 2: 101,267 XP
  • 3: 88,786 XP
  • 4: 78,921 XP
  • 5: 71,029 XP
  • 6: 68,187 XP
  • 7: 65,459 XP
  • 8: 62,841 XP
  • 9: 60,327 XP
  • 10: 57,913 XP
  • Prestige 10 = 6 Kaigakus to max
  • Prestige 0 = 14 Kaigakus to max

Demonfall 2.10 Patch Notes


  • Hybrid will still get crow quests (Since hybrids do slayer quests)
  • If you have moon breathing and craft a sword, it set’s back to moon breathing sword after
  • Hybrids able to use the demon teleport NPC
  • Hybrids able to buy demon clothes
  • Tomioka buff’s will work on hybrids
  • Demon reset appearance for hybrids
    (More can be added here, if i find more bugs…)


  • Nerfed sun burning bones damage in 30% since it’s a OP combo extender already
  • Reduced moon catastrophe cooldown (60 –> 50)
  • Nerfed kanroji passive damage to 15% instead of 20%
    (More can be added here…)


  • The world event boss fully reworked
  • All existing BDA’s will get a new skill for make it a more complete KIT as a pure demon
  • The last accessory you used, will save between servers !

Demonfall 2.05 Patch Notes

  • Fixed 2 moon breathing skill
  • Fixed event boss very rarely spawning
  • Added Tomioka Haori
  • If you’re near a boss it shows the name of who killed it
  • Fixed the name spoof exploit
  • Prestige now increase level cap in 5
  • Sun passive is now changed. The flame does not do damage in humans, but does double damage on hybrids and demons.
  • Sun iFrame move now only takes 20 of the Breathing bar
  • Hybrids aren’t immune to the sun and wisteria anymore
  • Hybrids now can cross demon’s barriers and spawn at demon’s hideouts
  • Hybrids still can eat meat, unlike Demons, but can’t eat other foods
  • Hybrids can now use the body absorption skill

Demonfall 2.0 Patch Notes

Demonfall 2.0 releases on August 20, 2021. Here are the patch notes:


  • Prestige system for late-game skills, exp buffs, and many other things 
  • Sun and Moon Breathing 
    • Fixed 2 Moon Breathing skills
  • Sun requirements:
    • Find Tanjiro
    • 1 Prestige
    • Kamados can skip the quest
  • Hybrid race – Slayer Mark 
  • STW to demons (But a diff way to obtain it) 
  • World event boss (Will require high-level players in the server to spawn) 
    • Fixed event boss rarely spawning


  • More slayer clothes at the slayer corps base 
  • Tomioka Haori and Mask Gamepass 
  • Tanjiro Mask Gamepass 
  • More hairs to the hair DLC

Demonfall 1.5 Patch Notes


  • Ice and Arrow BDA added
  • Nerfed Insect barrage move damage by 50%
  • Nerfed Soryuu M1 stun
  • Ranked now teleports back to matchmaking server
  • Patched in M1 exploit
  • Fixed fake hybrid bug
  • Fixed teleporting to ranked bug
  • Mobile now can drop yen and 2v2 invite
  • Mobile jump on combat fixed
  • Fixed getting teleported to ranked on some quests

Demonfall 1.45 Patch Notes


  • 2V2 Ranked 
  • Ranked points reset and a new matchmaking system
  • Shinobu Haori 
  • Ranks in the new system will receive rewards on each reset
  • Temporarily disabled titles on ranked, new system coming soon

Balance changes

  • Increased insect cooldowns by 35% 
  • Reduced poison damage on Insect by 15%
  • Insect basic attacks stun reduced, and cannot infinite combo 
  • Reduction to Mist judgment cut damage
  • Tougher to extend judgment cut combo extend
  • Nerfed greatsword M1 damage and increased M2 damage

All Demonfall patch notes information is taken from the official community Demonfall Discord server.

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