Demonfall Breathing Tier List
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Demonfall Breathing Tier List (July 2024)

Choose the right breathing style and wreak havoc on your enemies.
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Demonfall is a Roblox game that features a lot of PvE and PvP elements. Players can customize their characters with different breathing techniques, all of which have unique playstyles. Here is our Demonfall breathing tier list, a breakdown of each type of breathing, and why we rank it where we do. Keep in mind that this list is just our opinion, so it is okay not to agree and have different rankings of your own!

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In case you missed it, we recommend checking out our Demonfall codes guide and bookmarking that page. Again, tier lists are subjective, so you may not agree with our Demonfall breathing tier list!

Demonfall Breathing Tier List

  • S-Tier: Sun Breathing, Moon Breathing, Insect Breathing
  • A-Tier: Mist Breathing, Water Breathing, Flame Breathing, Sound Breathing, Love Breathing
  • B-Tier: Thunder Breathing, Stone Breathing, Beast Breathing
  • C-Tier: Serpent Breathing
  • D-Tier: Wind Breathing

Beast Breathing

Beast Breathing is putting fast and aggressive dual-wielding gameplay in focus. You can obtain this style you need to go to the village in Slayer Corps and giving Inosuke1 Blue Horn, 1 Green Horn, and 100 Meat. After that, you will get new and unique nichirins. You will have a passive skill that allows your M1 to hit twice and active skills that revolve around dashing and slashing enemies.

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Insect Breathing

Insect Breathing was introduced in Demonfall version 1.4 update. Found at the Slayer Corps, you can get Insect Breathing and the Insect Nichirin for 10K. The breathing is great for PvE and can be very good for PvP if you are skilled with the moves. Skills include Jump Slash, Multi Forward Attack, Evasive, and Guard Break. The passive is that Nichirin poisons the people you attack.

Sound Breathing

Sound Breathing is a dual-wielding style learned from Tengen Uzui. It is obtained by first visiting Uzui’s wives – Suma, Makio, and Hinatsuru. After that, you need to give 3 Perfect Crystals to Tengen. You will need to spend 17 skill points to complete the skill tree and Sound Breathing’s main advantage is blinding others and launching them into the air. Passive skill allows M1 to hit twice and it has six different active forms that damage and blind enemies in various ways.

Stone Breathing

Stone Breathing is a raw strength-based breathing style that will require you to spend 14 skill points to unlock its full potential. You can get it by visiting Gyomei near Kamakura Village and paying 20,000 yen + 50 Demon Horns, which are obtained by killing NPC demons. Even though this breathing technique doesn’t have a passive skill, its active skills make up for it. They allow you to leap in the air, smash the ground, throw items with brutal strength, and even do 360 attacks.

Sun Breathing and Moon Breathing

Sun Breathing and Moon Breathing were introduced to Demonfall in update 2.0. All of the skills right now are very overpowered, easily making it the best Breathing in the game. The combo extended does massive damage, as does the counter move and guard break. Most moves also do burn, which will do damage over time. Finally, you can use your final move to escape a combo. Moon Breathing is essentially a reskin of Sun Breathing, so the same information applies.

Flame Breathing

Flame Breathing is one of the best choices for starters in Demonfall. The flame procs help you hit enemies that are blocking, which is a common occurrence in PvE and PvP battles. It also has high base damage, but it’s not quite up to par with a couple of other options, which is why we place it in A-Tier. You can get Fire Breathing by collecting 20 Demon Horns, going to the White Peak, talking to Flame Trainer Rengoku, and defeating the Axe Demon and taking his collar.

Love Breathing

Love Breathing is giving you high-speed slashes and combos and can be obtained as a Hybrid. You can get this breathing if you find Mitsuri Kanroji in Mount Peak and give her 20,000 yen. After that, you need to kill the Axe Demon and take his collar. When you learn it you will acquire a whip-like katana and it will cost you 17 skill points to be able to use all techniques of Love Breathing. Passive skill gives faster healing while active ones allow you to heal allies and quickly dash and slash enemies.

Mist Breathing

Mist Breathing has many I-frames and powerful combos you can use with it, as well as some excellent range. It is one of the top choices for PvP, which accounts for a lot in Demonfall. Mist Breathing active skills involve a lot of jumping into the air and quick slashing of your enemies. It is also good for disorienting enemies while increasing your movement speed.

Water Breathing

Water Breathing has some very good I-frames, allowing you to escape combos and purgatory. Overall, it is definitely one of the best options on the list and can be learned in Coast Forest, at Water Trainer Urokodaki. You will need to pay 2000 yen, complete a jumping task on a mountain while avoiding traps, and lastly slash the “Strong Boulder”.

You will passively get 15% of your Breathing Bar pool with each M1 hit and your actives will push you towards an aggressive style of fighting where you will charge and slice everything in your path.

Serpent Breathing

You will need 12 skill points to get all skills from the Serpent Breathing style which is a style focused on solid damage and slow hitting. To get this Serpent Breathing you will need to visit Iguro, pay him 20,000 yen and defeat Axe Demon and take his collar. Its active skills give you the opportunity to mostly slash enemies in various ways and

Thunder Breathing

Thunder Breathing is one of the weaker options in Demonfall. A lot of the moves are blockable, and there are many auto-locks with Thunder Breathing. It will allow you to teleport a lot around the battlefield and leverage that movement for creating combos. You can obtain this training by giving trainer Kujima 20 soups, delivering a letter to Marrone in Slayer Corps, and lastly giving the trainer 4000 yen.

Your sword will passively get electrified thus giving you the ability to stun enemies for longer when you hit them. As long as active skills are concerned, you will rely on Thunderclap and Flash skills as well as some long-range lightning skills.

Wind Breathing

Wind Breathing can be learned when you gather 20 Demon Horns and defeat Grimm. Wind Breathing does have the bonus of allowing players to double jump and hide animations. Aside from that, though, it’s probably weaker than Thunder Breathing. It’s not terrible, but we put it at the bottom of our tier list for now. Your passive advantage here will be great movement speed that others can’t match. Jumping into the air and sending out shockwaves will be the name of the game for this breathing style.

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