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Dead by Daylight’s New Killer, Dredge – All Perks and Powers

The Dredge is an especially crafty Killer.
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Since the game was first released, all of the supernatural Killers that have been added to Dead By Daylight have been human, or at the very least humanoid in the case of creatures like the Demogorgon.

However, the game’s newest killer, the Dredge, is neither human nor humanoid, though it’s definitely got some human bits knocking around in it. Here’s everything you need to know about Dead By Daylight’s new Killer, the Dredge, including Perks and Powers.

Dead by Daylight’s New Killer, Dredge – All Perks and Powers

The Dredge, according to the game’s lore, is a culmination of primal darkness that appeared to devour and assimilate the frenzied members of a cult that had taken up residence on an island. Fun!

Dredge’s shtick is all about environmental manipulation. Its power allows it to quickly move around the map and strike when it’s least expected, while its Perks punish Survivors for attempting to evade and hinder it. According to the game’s official Killer difficulty rating, the Dredge is marked as a Moderate-difficulty Killer.

The Dredge’s Powers

The Dredge’s Power, Reign of Darkness, is composed of two sub-abilities: The Gloaming and Nightfall.

The Gloaming is an activated ability that allows the Dredge to warp around the map, using Lockers as a conduit. When The Gloaming is activated, the Dredge will leave behind a Remnant as it switches to an incorporeal state. In this mode, the Dredge can see every Locker on the map and warp right to it. It can continue warping between Lockers until its 3 Power Tokens are consumed, after which it can burst out of the Locker fully formed. The Dredge can also return to the Remnant without warping, though the Remnant will be destroyed if it warps or if a Survivor touches it, forcing the Dredge to manifest from a Locker. After warping, The Gloaming has a 12-second cooldown.

In an additional wrinkle, when the Dredge is present on the field, Survivors gain the ability to lock Lockers. If the Dredge attempts to manifest from a locked Locker, it’ll take several seconds longer than usual to pop out. However, each Locker on the map can only be locked once, and the Dredge can also destroy locks with a basic attack.

Nightfall is a metered ability that gradually fills up as the Dredge injures and hooks Survivors and uses its warping ability. The meter also fills faster for every Survivor in the Injured state. When the Nightfall meter fills completely, both the Dredge and the Survivors experience the Nightfall effect for 60 seconds. For Survivors, visibility is drastically reduced. For the Dredge, warping is much faster and has a shorter cooldown, it gets the Undetectable effect, and warping back to a Remnant triggers Killer Instinct. Nightfall will end automatically when time runs out, though its active time can be reduced if a Survivor touches a Remnant.

The Dredge’s Perks

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The Dredge features three unique Perks: Dissolution, Darkness Revealed, and Septic Touch. These Perks appear as teachables in the Bloodweb at levels 30, 35, and 40, in that order.

  • Dissolution: If the Killer injures a Survivor, Dissolution will activate 3 seconds later. While Dissolution is active, if a Survivor fast-vaults a Pallet within the Killer’s Terror Radius, the pallet will be immediately destroyed afterward. Only one Pallet can be destroyed per activation of Dissolution.
  • Darkness Revealed: If the Killer searches an empty Locker, the Auras of all Survivors standing within 8 meters of any Locker on the map will be revealed to them for a few seconds. Darkness Revealed has a 30-second cooldown after activation.
  • Septic Touch: Any Survivor that attempts a healing action on either themselves or another Survivor within the Killer’s Terror Radius will be inflicted with the Blindness and Exhausted effects, which will remain for several seconds even after the healing action ends or is interrupted.


  • Wooden Plank: Boosts the amount added to the Nightfall meter when hooking Survivors
  • Mortar and Pestle: Instead of emerging from a Remnant in the direction it was placed, the Dredge will emerge from it in the direction it warped from
  • Follower’s Cowl: Activates Killer Instinct after a Remnant warp even when Nightfall isn’t active
  • Caffeine Tablets: Differentiates the Auras of locked Lockers while warping
  • Malthinker’s Skull: Increases the bonus charge rate for Nightfall from injured Survivors
  • Haddie’s Calendar: Reduces the time it takes the Dredge to emerge from a Locker by 1 second
  • Fallen Shingle: Increases the amount added to the Nightfall meter when using Reign of Darkness abilities
  • Burnt Letters: Boosts the amount added to the Nightfall meter when injuring Survivors
  • Air Freshener: Start with 4 Power Tokens instead of 3
  • Worry Stone: Any Survivor that locks a Locker will have their Aura revealed for 6 seconds
  • War Helmet: Increases the duration of Killer Instinct during Nightfall by 1.5 seconds
  • Ottomarian Writing: Reduces the cooldown for The Gloaming by 4 seconds during Nightfall
  • Destroyed Pillow: Reduces the cooldown for The Gloaming by 2.5 seconds during Nightfall
  • Broken Doll: Increases the duration of Nightfall by 20 seconds
  • Tilling Blade: Any Healthy Survivors injured during Nightfall are inflicted with Blindness, Hemorrhage, and Mangled for 60 seconds
  • Lavalier Microphone: Consuming the last Power Token during The Gloaming will reveal all Survivor auras for 3 seconds. Also, warping to a Locker will cause any other Lockers within 6 meters to open and slam their doors
  • Field Recorder: Nightfall is immediately active at the start of the Trial, and activates automatically again when the final Generator is repaired. Also, any Survivor that touches a Remnant will be inflicted with Exhausted for 15 seconds
  • Boat Key: Increases the speed of warping by 25% outside of Nightfall. Also, when all Generators are repaired, all locked Lockers are instantly unlocked
  • Sacrificial Knife: Warping to and leaving a Locker during Nightfall will block all vault spots within 16 meters of it for 5 seconds
  • Iridescent Wooden Plank: All Survivors are inflicted with Exposed for the last 12 seconds of Nightfall

The Dredge is an especially crafty Killer, taking advantage of a game mechanic that, until now, was almost Survivor-exclusive. Make sure you step lightly around Lockers from now on, lest the Dredge emerges and getcha, Boogyman-style.

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