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Dead by Daylight — Best Build and Perks for Thalita Lyra

Perks of Thalita Lyra and the build that best goes with it.
Thalita Lyra
Image via Behaviour Interactive Inc.

A newly released chapter (27th) titled Tools of Torment adds fresh survivors to the Dead by Daylight universe. A Brazilian sister and brother team, Thalita Lyra and Renato Lyra were introduced alongside a new villain called “The Skull Merchant.” Every additional chapter brings with it three perks for each survivor. Check out the builds that are best to use with Thalita Lyra in Dead by Daylight here for those who want to get the sister of the Brazilian team from the shop.

How to play Thalita Lyrain in Dead by Daylight – Build Guide

Friendly Competition

Friendly competition perk
Image via Behaviour Interactive Inc.

You gain this perk whenever you and a fellow survivor complete the repair of a generator together. Your repair progress speed with a co-survivor who finished repairing the generator simultaneously will be increased by 5% (for the next 45/60/75 seconds). This perk can only be activated once per survivor.

Using a generator build to compete with other survivors makes sense due to the fact that Friendly Competition is activated when near one. The following are the best perks that can come along with friendly competition and will help you and your co-survivors take the generators at top speed:

  • Corrective Action
  • Déjà Vu
  • Spine Chill
  • Prove Thyself
  • Bond
  • Resilience

Spine Chill, Corrective Action, or an adrenaline perk would be effective if you’re good at finding generators. Identify co-survivors who currently work on generators so that you can effectively use this build. In collaboration, Prove Thyself guarantees your generation will accelerate, whereas Resilience increases it when you are hurt. Déjà Vu also guarantees generators are always available with its search engine.

Cut Loose

Cut loose perk
Image via Behaviour Interactive Inc.

In a chase, after performing a rush vault, Cut Loose will be activated. Within the next four, five, or six seconds, your rushed vaults will be silent. Resetting the timer is possible by performing another rushed vault as long as the clock hasn’t run out. It takes 45 seconds for the perk to cool down after the timer runs out.

If you’re looking to blindside the killer while still being able to escape in case things start to escalate, Cut Loose is the perfect perk for you. Ideally, this perk should be built for looping/runners in order to utilize this perk effectively. Among the perks that Cut Loose is compatible with are the following:

  • Iron Will
  • Windows of Opportunity
  • Lightweight
  • Lithe

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Choosing Cut Loose is limited to choosing three perks, so pick the ones that fit your needs. The auras of all windows you are looking for will be illuminated in yellow if you use Windows of Opportunity. Getting out of danger quickly becomes easier when you’re powered up by Lithe. You’ll get rid of your scratches faster if you’re lightweight, as it makes them disappear quicker. Additionally, using Iron Will will reduce your pain grunts.

Teamwork: Power of Two

Teamwork: power of two perk
Image via Behaviour Interactive Inc.

You will have the haste status extend to both of you if you are within 12 meters of each other after healing another survivor with this perk. In response to the haste effect, survivors move faster. If you want the haste status to continue with Teamwork: Power of Two, a healer build will allow you to follow your recently healed survivor. You should pick three more perks from the following list in order to get the most out of this perk:

  • Boon: Dark Theory
  • Empathy
  • Hope
  • Aftercare
  • Teamwork: Collective Stealth

It’s a great idea to purchase Hope as well as Boon: Dark Theory if you’d like to add speed to your game. The best thing to do is to play Boon: Dark Theory if you are a team player.

Furthermore, when it comes to using this perk, you’d need a partner, as it’s quite challenging to stick close to a random survivor. Aftercare lets you see the aura of someone you’re healing, allowing you to keep in close contact with them using Empathy. The perk of Collective Stealth rewards you for staying close to your teammate, another bonus that suppresses both of your scratch marks as long as you stay together.

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