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Clicker Mining Simulator Codes (March 2023)

Treasures aren't just underground!
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Image via Lightning Dragon Studio II

In Roblox Clicker Mining Simulator, you’ll be digging to unimaginable depths as you uncover more and more riches. Take your mining tools and pets to dig as far down as you can, uncovering coins and treasures beyond your imagination. If this sounds like a good time, then let these codes enhance that experience for you.

Like most Roblox simulator games, you’ll have access to codes that give out free rewards, so make sure to claim them! In Clicker Mining Simulator, you’ll be able to claim boosts and even automining all for free. So what are you waiting for, claim them now!

All Mining Clicker Simulator Codes

Last checked: March 19, 2023

Clicker Mining Simulator Codes (working)

Here are all of the working codes for Clicker Mining Simulator.

  • CMS — Unlocks: 10 mins fast auto mining boost.
  • upd1 — Unlocks: 4x power boosts.

Clicker Mining Simulator Codes (Expired)

  • There are currently no expired codes for Clicker Mining Simulator – lucky!

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How to redeem Clicker Mining Simulator Codes

Follow the instructions to redeem your codes in Clicker Mining Simulator.

clicker mining simulator code
Image via Lightning Dragon Studio II
  1. Launch Clicker Mining Simulator on Roblox.
  2. Click on the green cog button to the left of your screen.
  3. Enter the code into the ‘Code’ textbox.
  4. Click the blue button to claim your rewards!

How to get more codes for Clicker Mining Simulator

If you want to keep on the pulse with Clicker Mining Simulator codes, then you can bookmark this page, as we will update our list regularly. Alternatively, you can join the game’s group, as codes may be announced there. Following the game could also help, as new codes may be put in the description. Being a part of the Discord server may also help.

Why aren’t my Clicker Mining Simulator codes working?

If your Clicker Mining Simulator codes aren’t working, then there are two possible reasons. Make sure you have entered the codes exactly as they are presented in this list. Copy and pasting the codes from this list into the code text box may help. If there is still an issue, then the code may have expired,in which case there is nothing you can do.

How to get more free rewards in Clicker Mining Simulator

If you want even more free rewards for Clicker Mining Simulator, then you can benefit from a daily chest that is bursting with great rewards and boosts. To claim this daily chest, however, you need to be a part of the group. Once you have joined, enter the game again and go up to te

What is Clicker Mining Simulator?

Clicker Mining Simulator is a Roblox clicker experience where players will be mining to incredible depths. At each depth milestone, the material will become more rewarding to sell, and the materials tougher to break. Chests can be found which will reward players with better mining utensils. A pet gacha mechanic also rewards players with mining strength multipliers.

We hope you enjoyed our Roblox Clicker Mining Simulator codes guide. You can head on over to our Facebook page to keep up with the latest of video game content. You may also be interested in our other codes guides, such as all Soul War codes, or all Double Down codes.

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