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Division 2 Civic Center SHD Tech Cache Locations

The Warlords of New York expansion has officially been released. There are now some new SHD caches hidden around the city for you to find. This guide will show you all of the different SHD cache locations in Civic Center, some of which are a little more hidden than others.

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The first SHD Tech Cache we’re looking for is in the sewer. Head to the underground entrance down the street from the Safe House. Make your way through the sewer and find a door with a blue Notice Sign, which you’ll need a key from the Elite enemy to open. Inside there is where you’ll find the cache.

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The second SHD Tech Cache is located outside the Safe House perimeter. As you exit, head left into the alley and turn right. You will need to climb up the ventilation ducts and you’ll find the crate on top of there.

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This is the most complicated SHD Tech Cache to find. Walking down Bayard Street, look for an alley by the Chinese restaurant. Above you, you’ll see a barrel you can shoot that will drop a rope. Use the rope to get up to the roof, and from there you can hop over the ventilation duct and climb down the ladder. Continue forward and cross to the other side and you’ll come to the cache.

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The next cache can be found from the Animal Shelter Safe House. Head north and enter the area blocked from all sides by garbage bags, then look for a white truck against some black containers. Jump onto the truck, then to the container, then to the roof. The cache is up there.

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Look for a building with a pink cat mural on it and head into the destroyed coffee shop. At the opposite end of the coffee shop, you’ll find a room where you can shoot a lock. Do that and open up the door, go up the stairs, and through the Exit. You’ll see a gated area with the cache inside.

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