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Can you Play Diablo 4 with a Controller on PC? Answered

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The Diablo 4 beta is right around the corner. Fans are waiting with eager participation as Diablo IV has been sought after over 10 years since the initial release of Diablo III. Now with Diablo IV on the horizon, many gamers want to make sure they know all the specs and capabilities of the game. Most hardcore fans will be playing Diablo on the computer, but controller use is also smoother even on the PC. So everyone is hoping you can play Diablo IV with a controller on PC. Can you play Diablo IV with a controller?

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Can you play with a Controler? Answered

The quick answer is yes, you will be able to play Diablo IV with a controller. This is going to excite and please many fans as no previous Diablo game has had controller support on PC. This makes Diablo IV the first Diablo game with full intergraded controller support for its PC version.

Let’s go deeper than that however and tell you how to set things up and what you’ll need to do in order to achieve this. The game will be available on steam so you should be able to configure your controller to Diablo IV the same way you do any other game through steam. Because Diablo IV is coming out on Xbox and PlayStation as well it is likely that the game will be optimized for whichever controller you use regardless.

This is all really good news for Diablo fans. Finally, no matter what version you have, controller usage should be flexible and easy. We will find out for sure when the BETA releases on March 24th.

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