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How to Respec in Diablo 4

It's like changing your college major, but for dungeon-crawlers.
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A good adventurer isn’t just strong, but adaptable. Yeah, maybe you could solve every problem up to this point by just whacking it with a sword, but sometimes, you need to approach problems from different perspectives. In these times, you need to adapt on the fly, reallocating your skills and specialties to suit the situation. Here’s how to respec your character in Diablo 4.

How to Respec in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, much like in the other Diablo games, your character gradually grows as you play through the game via the unlocking of skills and ranks on the character skill tree. Of course, unlocking one thing on the skill tree means not unlocking something elsewhere on the skill tree. In the event you find yourself stuck with an unfavorable build for the current situation, you have the ability to reset your character growth and refund all of your spent points, allowing you to reallocate them to your preferences.

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To perform this process, all you need to do is open up your skill tree menu, scroll all the way to the bottom, and click the big button that says “Refund All.” This button not only refunds all of the points spent to activate individual skills on the tree, but also skill ranks, upgrades, and passive bonuses. You’ll get it all back, and can use it to freely build your skill tree and skills back up. Just remember that some skills have dependencies on other skills, so you will need to activate a corresponding skill again to get those skills back.

Does it Cost Money to Respec?

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There is a bit of a catch to this little process that you should be aware of. In the game’s early stages, you are encouraged to experiment with your build and find the playstyle that works for you. For this reason, it doesn’t cost anything to respec your character as long as you’re below level 7.

However, by that point, you need to start pulling your weight a bit. Starting at level 7, every press of the Refund All button will cost you 1 Gold. That’s not so bad, but every time you level up past that, that cost multiplies exponentially, reaching as high as 222 Gold by the time you reach level 25.

Respeccing a character is best used while you’re still figuring out your playstyle, as it becomes prohibitively expensive at the game’s higher levels. If you really want to try a completely different playstyle at that point, you might as well just start a new character from scratch, unless you happen to be obscenely wealthy.

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