Call of Duty: All Wildcards in Black Ops Cold War

Wildcards are a loadout addition you can use to gain some extra benefits for your character. There are a few options, and the best choice depends on your playstyle. You can unlock them at various levels, and they provide unique perks for your weapons, perks, or equipment. Below you can find a full list of all Wildcards in Black Ops Cold War, along with a description of what they do and when they unlock.

The Wildcard options are available within your loadout in multiplayer, beneath the perks. Head into your loadouts tab and try them out to see which ones you like best.

Call of Duty: All Wildcards in Black Ops Cold War

There are four Wildcards in Black Ops Cold war to choose from:

  • Danger Close
  • Law Breaker
  • Gunfighter
  • Perk Greed
WildcardUnlock LevelEffects
Danger CloseLevel 4Equip extra lethal and tactical equipment. Start with additional ammo.
Law BreakerLevel 21Equip any weapon class in either slot. Equip multiple perks from one Perk category.
GunfighterLevel 27Unlock three additional attachment slots for your primary weapon.
Perk GreedLevel 35Equip an extra Perk from each Perk Category.

Danger Close

The Danger Close Wildcard allows you to equip extra lethal and tactical thrown equipment and start with additional ammo. In other words, you can run two C4s and Stimshots. This Wildcard is useful in large-scale matches like Fireteam: Dirty Bomb and Combined Arms Moshpit. 

If you rely a lot on tactical and lethal equipment, you may want to try this Wildcard as an option.

Call of Duty: All Wildcards in Black Ops Cold War - Danger Close

Law Breaker

Law Breaker lets you carry two primary weapons at the same time for twice as much firepower. Players that like to swap between weapons in their playstyle might benefit from this once in particular.

Call of Duty: All Wildcards in Black Ops Cold War - Law Breaker


Gunfighter allows you to equip 8 attachments at once on your primary weapon. It allows for a lot more customization, and bonus stats. Using this Wildcard, you can deck out your weapon and unleash its full potential.

Gunfighter is likely the most overpowered Wildcard at the moment, especially when utilizing it on close-range weapons with short time-to-kill stats.

Call of Duty: All Wildcards in Black Ops Cold War - Gunfighter

Perk Greed

Perk Greed allows you to equip an extra perk from each of the three categories: Red, Blue, and Yellow. That means you can run a total of six perks, for some awesome customized loadouts.

Call of Duty: All Wildcards in Black Ops Cold War - Perk Greed

Best Wildcard to use in Black Ops Cold War

At this time, it looks like most players prefer using the Gunfighter Wildcard for their loadouts. It is by far the most useful Wildcard, as it unlocks three additional attachment slots for your weapon. The maximum amount of attachments any given weapon can have without this Wildcard is five. Using Gunfighter, players can equip a total of eight.

Since attachments provide various benefits to your weapons, this can significantly increase your damage and other stats. In turn, you can get more kills, accumulate scorestreaks, and gain experience more quickly.

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