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Call of Duty: All Scorestreaks (Killstreaks) in Black Ops Cold War

Scorestreaks, also known as Killstreaks, are rewarded to players during multiplayer matches for reaching a certain score. These are special abilities you can call in at any point to help you out in combat. You can equip a total of three of them, and mix and match any that you like. Some are automated, like the Attack Helicopter, while others require more control.

Killstreak progress does not disappear when you die in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Instead, your progress accumulates over time from getting kills, doing objectives, and increasing your overall score. Multipliers increase your score more significantly, allowing you to unlock high killstreaks more quickly.

When you unlock a killstreak, it stays in your inventory until you use it, regardless of if you die or not. For that reason, you can hold on to your streaks for a reasonable time and synergize them with other players’ scorestreaks.

Call of Duty: All Scorestreaks (Killstreaks) in Black Ops Cold War

NameScore RequiredDescriptionCooldownLevel Unlock
Combat Bow500Arrows burn the target and surrounding area.1205
RC-XD800A remote controlled explosive car.909
Spy Plane1,000Reveals enemy locations on the minimap.901
Counter Spy Plane1,200Scrambles enemy mini-maps and disables hostile Missile Turrets for a short time.6041
Armor1,600Reduces incoming damage. Destroys after a certain amount of damage.12020
Care Package2,000Airdrops a crate containing a scorestreak, and explodes after use.901
Sentry Turret1,800Deploys a turret that targets enemy players, vehicles, and equipment.6017
Napalm Strike2,500Launches a carpet bomb of napalm in a target area.3023
Artillery3,000Launches three targeted missile strikes.3014
Cruise Missile3,500Steer three missiles with boost and brake controls. 033
Air Patrol2,700Call in a jet squadrons to take out enemy Scorestreaks and air patrols.6032
War Machine4,000High explosive grenade launcher.6036
Attack Helicopter4,500Call in an armed support helicopter.601
Chopper Gunner6,500Control a combat support helicopter as the gunner.6027
VTOL Escort8,000Destroy enemy infantry and vehicles from a powerful VTOL jet.9050
Gunship10,000Control a support gunship as the gunner.9054
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