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Best Weapons in HROT

They can't all be the best.
Gun in HROT
Image via Spytihněv

HROT is a retro-style FPS game in which the player is a citizen of an unknown socialist country neighboring the Soviet Union. The game kicks off with the player crawling out of an underground bunker after an unspecified disaster in 1986; the setting of HROT is borderline apocalyptic, and you’ll likely be thinking about it a long time after you’ve finished playing it.

As with most FPS games, HROT has no shortage of free-roaming enemies. There is a hefty arsenal of weapons available to players in HROT, but not all of them are winners, and some of them are much more useful than others. Keep reading for a full list of all the best weapons in HROT!

All of the Best Weapons in HROT

There’s no shortage of weapons in HROT, but not all of them can be winners. Here’s a list of all the best weapons in the entire game:

Hussite Hand Cannon

The Hussite Hand Cannon may not be the most efficient weapon in terms of fuel and ammunition, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t hit hard. This long-range explosive weapon uses Grenades as ammunition and can take down just about any enemy with only a single shot.

The Grenades launched by the Hussite Hand Cannon explode upon impact and damage literally everything in their path. This weapon is perfect for taking out large groups of enemies at once, as it heavily damages everything included in the blast radius!

Here are the overall weapon stats for the Hussite Hand Cannon in HROT:

  • Direct Damage: 156 – 187
  • Indirect Damage: 75 – 89
  • Rate of Fire (RoF): 60 Rounds per minute
  • Max Ammo: 30

Lightning Gun

The Lightning Gun, as its name would suggest, is one of the few electric weapons in HROT. This kick-ass weapon creates a chain-lightning effect when triggered, which means it’s exceptionally useful against large groups of enemies who are close together.

Since this weapon inflicts a relatively large amount of damage on several enemies at once, it’s largely considered to be one of the best weapons in HROT. However, it does run out of charge fairly quickly, and the electricity it produces can be somewhat slow in reaching its targets.

Here are the overall weapon stats for the Lightning Gun in HROT:

  • Damage: 200 – 250 dps
  • Rate of Fire (RoF): 1,800 Rounds per minute
  • Max Ammo: 500
Hand Cannon in HROT
Screenshot via Spytihněv

Land Mine

Although it’s not a traditional handheld weapon like the other entries on this list, the Land Mine is easily one of the most innovative weapons in HROT. Just like the Hussite Hand Cannon, the Land Mine is one of HROT’s many highly-explosive weapons.

Once active, Land Mines will explode when stepped on, shot at, or closely approached. Their explosions have a massive blast radius that severely damages everything in their vicinity; they’re perfect for getting rid of enemy hoards or when you just want to take someone out from afar!

Here are the overall weapon stats for the Land Mine in HROT:

  • Damage: 75 – 89
  • Rate of Fire (RoF): ~2.14 Land Mines per second
  • Max Ammo: 6

Hussite Crossbow

The Hussite Crossbow is one of the only projectile weapons in HROT that is not explosive. You’d think that that would make it less valuable than HROT’s explosive projectile weapons, like the Hussite Hand Cannon, but you’d be wrong!

The Hussite Crossbow is silent, practical, and exceedingly deadly. This crossbow’s projectile arrows can travel long distances and inflict crazy amounts of damage on enemies, which makes it the perfect choice for snipers in HROT.

Here are the overall weapon stats for the Hussite Crossbow in HROT:

  • Damage: 65 – 110
  • Rate of Fire (RoF): 50 Shots per minute
  • Max Ammo: 30
Sickle in HROT
Screenshot via Spytihněv


Okay, before you start throwing a fit about HROT’s weak-ass Sickle having a place on this list, just hear me out for a second. The Sickle is the only proper melee weapon in HROT (other than the player’s kick attack), making it the best weapon choice for those who hate hunting for ammo.

The Sickle may not be very effective against most of HROT’s enemies, but it is incredibly effective against objects that bar your in-game progress. You can smash just about anything with the Sickle in HROT without ever having to worry about it breaking or running out of ammo!

The Sickle definitely shouldn’t be considered as a main weapon choice, but it’s still an incredibly useful tool that you should try to keep on you at all times. You never need to know when you’ll need to smash an object or kill an annoying-but-not-deadly creature, like a Bat or a Rat.

Here are the overall weapon stats for the Sickle in HROT:

  • Damage: 15 – 22
  • Rate of Fire (RoF): 4.6 Hits per second

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How Many Episodes are in HROT?

Episodes are large groups of multiple levels in HROT. Currently, there is only one playable episode in HROT, consisting of 8 full levels. Although there is currently only a single episode in the game, the developers of HROT have assured players that there will be plenty more to come!

There is currently a second episode in development that already has 3 levels so far; it’s unknown when the other levels will be released for sure, but given the game’s history, it shouldn’t be too much longer. Here are the names of all of the episodes in HROT, including the ones that are currently in development:

  • Kiss Me Gustav – The player emerges from a secret, underground bunker and makes their way through an apocalyptic Prague.
  • The Degustation – The player navigates and explores the secrets of Prague’s many abandoned industrial facilities and castles.
  • The Gastroscopy – Unknown, coming soon!

There may not be as many episodes and levels as you’d like in HROT, but you can rest easy knowing that there are still many more to come!

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