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How to Find All Hidden Stashes in Contraband Police – Locations Guide

Time to make some quick and easy cash.

If you are up for some quick cash in Contraband Police, you are going to love this one. There are different side activities to do after you are bored to death at your Border Post. The hidden stashes in the game provide the best way to earn some good money.

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The game has spread these hidden stashes in different places and finding them can become a tedious task for the players. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that. We have done all the hard work for you before writing this guide.

How to Find All Hidden Stashes in Contraband Police – Locations Guide

There are total eight hidden stashes in the game. The stashes usually offer up to $300, and they provide more during the early phases of the game. However, there is no hurry to find them all at a time. You can search and get the stashes at any point in the title. You will need two shovels to dig the hidden stashes.

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Stash 1 — Sawmill

You will find the first stash just south of the Sawmill. It is located on the F6 tile. Once you reach there, you will find an opening to dig and extract the hidden stash.

Stash 2 — Garbage

The second stash isn’t that far from the first one. You will have to leave the sawmill and travel about halfway to the cemetery. Once you reach the E8 tile, you will find the stash near a pile of empty barrels on the side road.

Stash 3 — Police Base

Travel to the B6 tile which is close to the Police Base. You will notice a small hill. Walk up the hill and look near the cliff side to find the stash.

Stash 4 — Motel Carat

Travel in the southern direction of Motel Carat until you reach the F1 tile. Once you reach the border of the tile, you will notice a power station. Open the fenced door surrounding the station and search for the stash behind the premises.

Stash 5 — Drunken Bear Inn

The fifth stash is towards the southern direction of Drunken Bear. Keep traveling in the direction until you reach tile I8. Climb the hill and search for the hidden stash in a small clearing.

Stash 6 — South Hill

Fortunately, you don’t have to travel a lot for the sixth stash if you are close to the fifth one. Just take the road on the southwest side of Drunken Bear Inn. Keep moving until you come to tile I6. Towards the south, you will find a hill with a clearing, where you can search to find the hidden stash.

Stash 7 — Gavrilov’s Hideout

You will follow Gavrilov to his hideout in the starting phases of the story. On his way, he will take you to the Sawmill on the D5 tile. Search on top of the Sawmill for the hidden stash.

Stash 8 — South Bridge

The last stash is towards the southwest of Vlad’s Tools shop. On the G5 tile, climb the hill to the left of the south bridge. Once you climb, you will notice a spot with a dirt mound near large rocks where you can dig and find the stash.

Those are all the spots for the hidden stashes in the game.

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