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The Best Weapons in Phantom Brigade

Make sure you pick the best loadout for your mech!
Phantom Brigade Mech Selection
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Phantom Brigade is an innovative game that lets you actually look into the future to see what your opponents are planning to do. Yes, you read that right! Using a timeline combat feature, players are able to plan out their moves and attempt to anticipate what their enemies will try. Command mechs and work to free the Phantom Brigade’s home from invaders in a deadly war set in a futuristic civilization. Use a variety of weapons in your battle for dominance, or close the distance and rush enemy mechs with a melee charge. In this guide we will cover the best weapons to use in Phantom Brigade, including why we like them so much!

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Which Weapons Are the Most Powerful in Phantom Brigade?

There are a number of different battlefields that you could end up in when playing Phantom Brigade, and many of them have different environments that offer advantages to users who are trying out a certain kind of weapon. For example, some will benefit longer-ranged guns while others have tight corners and thus shotgunners can excel here. Without any further ado, here are some of the best weapons in Phantom Brigade.

The Tier 5 Assault Rifle

This gun can put out a blistering 300-400 DPS, which can quickly annihilate any foe. They do not generate that much heat, meaning you can use them almost as much as you would like without worrying about an overheating issue. Also, assault rifles can consistently keep up their rate of fire, meaning your enemies will be forced to adapt or perish under your blazing assault.

The Shotgun

This weapon excels up close, since it can release a massive burst of projectiles which will ruin an enemy and their mech. Make sure that you employ your thrusters to close the distance towards an enemy, since you will be an easy kill if you’re exposed and someone with a sniper rifle or railgun spots you! Great for maps with tight corners and narrow alleyways, the shotgun should only be used on maps that benefit its playstyle.

The Railgun

Arguably the most powerful gun in the game, the railgun is the perfect tool to take down pilots and multiple enemies at once. It deals piercing damage and can go through mechs to hit anyone behind it, and also travels in a straight line so it can be very simple to aim. Simply direct your railgun to have a straight shot at a target and watch them take heavy damage from its shot. Secondary railguns are even more powerful, and often take out three or more mechs in 2 volleys when you make use of the map’s terrain, such as narrow alleys.

The Sniper Rifle

Although not as good at firing consistently as the assault rifle, the sniper rifle can deal a ridiculous amount of damage when you hit a target, and its range is not one to underestimate. Great for players who like to set up camp and take down targets before they’ve even seen their killer, the sniper rifle can be a great weapon to try out on maps that are more open and provide less cover for mechs to hide behind. Just be careful to watch out for enemies sneaking up on you, since the sniper rifle’s greatest weakness is someone getting up close and personal with a shotgun or melee attack!

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