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Best Weapons for Metal Virtue Builds in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Metal Magic, Magic Metal.

I have stated it before and I will state it again: I’m not a magic user. Personally, prefer the good old classic sword and shield combination with the occasional bow and arrow as an alternative. I mean, I don’t have nothing against magic users, other that they usually burn me alive or freeze me to death. I respect power, of every type and form, so you can rest assured that you will find what you are looking for today. Here are the best weapons for Metal Virtue builds in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Best Weapons for Metal Virtue Builds

A Virtue is defined as a behaviour that signals high moral standards. Well, I don’t know how this could translate to this video game, but I know that honor was everything for the japanese culture. And you can also work on your morale in the game. Interesting. Anyway, there are a total of five virtues in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, each of them with their unique boosts: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

Metal, which is the Virtue for today, will benefit mostly the magic users since it will affect the duration of high level Spirit sustainability, as well as a discount of Spirit used for Wizardry Spells. Since this focuses on magic, there is only one weapon that ranks as an A+ in terms of compatibility: the Podao. However, I took the liberty of including weapons that rank as A- in order for you to have other options. Here are the best weapons, shall you pick the Metal Virtue.

Metal Virtue Weapon List

WeaponStatsSpirit Stats
PodaoAttack Power: 451
Base Attack: 232
Spirit Attack: 24
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 13
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 8
Deflect Difficulty: 117.6%
Five-Colored Cudgel*Attack Power: 490
Base Attack: 238
Spirit Attack: 29
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 18
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 17
Deflect Difficulty: 103%
White Wooden Cudgel*Attack Power: 485
Base Attack: 235
Spirit Attack: 31
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 19
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 16
Deflect Difficulty: 104.1%
Polearm Podao*Attack Power: 541
Base Attack: 257
Spirit Attack: 52
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 32
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 28
Deflect Difficulty: 76.9%
Great Wooden Hammer*Attack Power: 573
Base Attack: 265
Spirit Attack: 52
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 30
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 33
Deflect Difficulty: 68.9%
Guard Poleaxe*Attack Power: 580
Base Attack: 269
Spirit Attack: 44
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 26
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 28
Deflect Difficulty: 80%
Bronze Poleaxe*Attack Power: 577
Base Attack: 267
Spirit Attack: 47
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 27
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 26
Deflect Difficulty: 81.3%
Qiang Scimitar*Attack Power: 450
Base Attack: 236
Spirit Attack: 22
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 11
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 11
Deflect Difficulty: 125%

*: A- Weapon.

Image Via Koei Tecmo

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Spells All The Way

And there you have it! This is a very special build due to the weapon choices and also due to the focus on Wizardry Spells. If you are that type of player, then go ahead and spend your points in the Metal Virtue. The Podao is the most compatible weapons with this Virtue, but be sure to experiment with the other weapon options. That way, you will be able to pick the best one that suits your melee style, since you will have to handle a weapon from time to time. Good luck with those spells!

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