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Best Weapons for Water Virtue Builds in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Be water, my friend.

I have never been a water guy. When I was a kid, I used to swim competitively, but I grew to resent it for some reason. I’m not a fan of the beach either, since I get severe sunburns and the sand gets in areas I didn’t know I have. But don’t worry, I won’t say that I don’t like sand, my screenplay is not that bad. Shots fired. Anyway, if you do like water, philosophically, today’s your day. Here are the best weapons for Water Virtue builds in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Best Weapons for Water Virtue Builds

Choosing a specific Virtue to power with your points is choosing how to play Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Each of the 5 available Virtues will have a specific effect on your character which will, in turn, benefit those who have a specific way of playing. These Virtues are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Water is the topic of today, and, should you pick it as your base for your build, it will help you on your Spirit consumption when deflecting. Furthermore, it will also make you less prone to be caught by enemies, so stealth players will want to pick this Virtue. Here are the weapons that go best with the Water Virtue.

Water Virtue Weapon List

WeaponStatsSpirit Stats
Qiang ScimitarAttack Power: 450
Base Attack: 236
Spirit Attack: 22
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 11
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 11
Deflect Difficulty: 125%
Cavalry HalberdAttack Power: 540
Base Attack: 266
Spirit Attack: 43
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 25
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 25
Deflect Difficulty: 86.9%
Chivalrous Swordsman Dual SwordsAttack Power: 472
Base Attack: 237
Spirit Attack: 26
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 14
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 16
Deflect Difficulty: 111.1%
Wooden Poled SpearAttack Power: 506
Base Attack: 239
Spirit Attack: 37
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 23
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 21
Deflect Difficulty: 95.2%
Bronze Dual SwordsAttack Power: 469
Base Attack: 233
Spirit Attack: 28
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 16
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 13
Deflect Difficulty: 109.8%
Mounted Bandit ScimitarsAttack Power: 489
Base Attack: 231
Spirit Attack: 22
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 10
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 6
Deflect Difficulty: 128.2%
Bamboo BowAttack Power: 308
Base Attack: 226
Spirit Attack: 10
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 10
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 0
Bamboo CrossbowAttack Power: 317
Base Attack: 235
Spirit Attack: 13
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 13
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 0
Bamboo Repeating CrossbowAttack Power: 305
Base Attack: 224
Spirit Attack: 14
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 14
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 0
Image Via Koei Tecmo

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A Silent and Passive Approach to Conflict

And that’s it! As you can see, these weapons will favor both deflection and stealth, skills that are affected by your Water Virtue build. Make the best out of it and take out your enemies on a distance with your bows, or use your enemy’s strength to deflect their attacks and strike whenever they are most vulnerable. Good luck!

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