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Best Weapons for Wood Virtue Builds in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

You won't get pass this wood.

Whenever I get to choose a character in an RPG, I always tend to disregard magic and alchemy in favor of impenetrable armor and heavy weaponry. What can I say, both in real life and in video games, I was born a tank. Not literally, I’m a really huge guy. Anyway, if you are like me and are pathological tank users, then here are the best weapons for Wood Virtue builds in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Best Weapons for Wood Virtue Builds

Think of the Virtues as a help that will allow you to play your own way in this game. Focusing on a certain Virtue will give you specific advantages that you can exploit to get the best character, best suited for your needs and play style. There are 5 virtues you can pick from: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. In the case of the Wood Virtue, if you select to spend your points in it, it will affect the amount of HP and Spirit points lost when you are attacked. So, basically, this could benefit a tanky style of playing and character. I love it. Anyway, here are the weapons that best fit Wood Virtue builds.

Best Weapons for Wood Virtue Builds

WeaponStatsSpirit Stats
Ring Pommel SabreAttack Power: 494
Base Attack: 241
Spirit Attack: 25
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 13
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 11
Deflect Difficulty: 117.6%
Bronze Polearm MaceAttack Power: 548
Base Attack: 246
Spirit Attack: 26
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 14
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 10
Deflect Difficulty: 100%
Bronze SwordAttack Power: 503
Base Attack: 238
Spirit Attack: 34
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 20
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 19
Deflect Difficulty: 96.1%
Five-Colored CudgelAttack Power: 490
Base Attack: 238
Spirit Attack: 29
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 18
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 17
Deflect Difficulty: 103%
Cavalry JavelinAttack Power: 540
Base Attack: 256
Spirit Attack: 35
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 22
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 22
Deflect Difficulty: 94.3%
White Wooden CudgelAttack Power: 485
Base Attack: 235
Spirit Attack: 31
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 19
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 16
Deflect Difficulty: 104.1%
Wood Virtue Builds
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Additional to the above information, Wood Virtue will also impact the duration of passive buff spells. Makes sense right? If you are a damage dealing machine and don’t pay too much attention to deflecting but focus on spamming attacks, what a better way to defend yourself by having a natural defense for incoming attacks. Anyway, hope this guide helped you with your weapon choice. Good luck!

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