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Best Weapons for Fire Virtue Builds in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The best weapons for a fiery nature.

A warrior’s weapon is an extension of one’s body and limbs, but mostly of one’s soul. So many times have we heard “make yourself one with your weapons”, and I think this is a great thing to exploit when trying to implement mechanics in video games. With the Element Virtue mechanic in this game, I think they have achieved that. And since I saw Avatar: The Last Airbender, I have always been a fire bender aficionado. For that reason, here are the best weapons for Fire Virtue builds in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Best Weapons for Fire Virtue Builds

There are a total of 5 virtues, which act as stats, that you can spend your points into to alter how your character behaves in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. These are: Wood Virtue, Fire Virtue, Earth Virtue, Metal Virtue, and Water Virtue. Today we will be focusing on the Fire Virtue, which affects both how much Spirit you gain when attacking and how much Spirit you consume when activating the weapon’s special attacks. There are weapons that are prone to be more effective to a specific type of Virtue, however many of them are also competent in other virtues, so go ahead and experiment. Here are the five weapons that are the best ones for Fire Virtue builds.

Fire Virtue Weapon List

WeaponStatsSpirit Stats
Iron SwordAttack Power: 512
Base Attack: 240
Spirit Attack: 33
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 19
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 19
Deflect Difficulty: 97%
Iron SpetumAttack Power: 584
Base Attack: 267
Spirit Attack: 46
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 28
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 28
Deflect Difficulty: 76.9%
Dual Rooster-Crowing HalberdsAttack Power: 571
Base Attack: 260
Spirit Attack: 38
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 23
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 25
Deflect Difficulty: 89.2%
Bronze SpearAttack Power: 575
Base Attack: 264
Spirit Attack: 49
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 30
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 26
Deflect Difficulty: 80%
Dual Marquis HalberdsAttack Power: 564
Base Attack: 256
Spirit Attack: 42
Spirit Attack (Guarding): 26
Spirit Defense (Guarding): 22
Deflect Difficulty: 90%
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And that’s pretty much it! Be sure to equip the above weapons in order to use them along your Fire Virtue build. They will extremely benefit from you spending your points on said Virtue since they all rank A+ for Fire, making them the best weapons without any shadow of a doubt. Have a good one!

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