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5 Reasons Why Sebastian Sallow Is the Best Character in Hogwarts Legacy

Sebastian steals the spotlight in every scene he's in!
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Hogwarts Legacy, the newest installment to J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, and the game that is quickly becoming one of the most popular releases in 2023, certainly exposed us to many interesting new things in the Harry Potter universe. There are many new locations to explore around the Hogwarts castle grounds, a whole host of different villains from the original series, and a completely unique storyline that is both engaging and immersive.

However, one of the absolute best parts about Hogwarts Legacy is the amount of standout characters that the game’s developers created. From the warm and welcoming Professor Weasley to the main character’s mentor, Professor Fig, there are many diverse and different people to interact with throughout the magical game. In this article, we list some of the reasons that we think Sebastian Sallow, Slytherin extraordinaire, deserves the top spot on the list. Spoilers abound, so beware if you haven’t finished Hogwarts Legacy yet.

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What Makes Sebastian Sallow the Best?

Should you cast Crucio spell on Sebastian or ask him to cast it on you - Hogwarts Legacy featured image
Image via Avalanche Software

As we previously mentioned Sebastian Sallow is a Slytherin student who has stolen the hearts of many fans who have played Hogwarts Legacy. With his passion and determination towards his goals, it is no wonder that Sebastian has emerged as a fan favorite. Without further ado, here are five of the reasons why he rules.

Sebastian is Committed to Saving Anne

Sebastian’s sister, Anne, was cursed by Goblins before the start of the game. However, even as the grown-ups in his life gave up on saving her, Sebastian was determined in his quest to revert her curse. He even turns to Ominis Gaunt for help in learning the Dark Arts as he searches for a cure.

He Is Caring and Compassionate

Deep down, Sebastian really does care about people, even though he wouldn’t want them to know. When you are both trapped within Salazar Slytherin’s Scriptorium, he gives you the option of casting Crucio on him, or having him make you suffer the spell. Even if you choose to let him curse you with Crucio, his first thoughts are of your safety in the moments of the spell’s direct aftermath.

He Uses Dark Magic – But Only to Protect

Throughout the course of the game, Sebastian Sallow uses all three Unforgivable curses at various times. He employs Imperio to protect his sister from a Goblin who is attempting to kill her, he casts Crucio on the main character to save them both from Salazar Slytherin’s Scriptorium, and he uses Avada Kedavra in a misguided attempt to protect his sister from who he perceives is a threat – their uncle.

Sebastian’s Story Is Extremely Tragic

The questline revolving around Sebastian is very personal, and really draws in the player as it progresses to its inevitable conclusion. Everyone can relate to the feeling of wanting the best for your family, especially when they are ill – or in this case, cursed. The more this storyline unfolds throughout Hogwarts Legacy, the more tragic it becomes. This helps to make Sebastian into a tragic hero who is simply trying his best when most people have given up.

He Is a Talented Wizard Who Teaches You Spells

Sebastian actually helps out the main character quite a bit throughout the game. He uses his knowledge of Dark Magic for good – or at least what thinks is good – and will also teach you these spells if you ask him to. Knowing Avada Kedavra for when you are taking on bosses in the game can be extremely useful for taking them out quickly. It may feel a little like cheating, but the instant-death spell is definitely one way to get ahead in this game, and it’s all thanks to Sebastian.

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