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Best Roblox Survival Games

Survival is the only objective
Roblox Emergency Landing Simulator Screenshot
Screenshot via Roblox

Everyone loves survival games, and the survival games on Roblox definitely do not disappoint. Some games will have you surviving against zombies, some will have you surviving against other players, and some Roblox survival games will have you surviving against mother nature herself! Keep reading to discover the best survival games that Roblox has to offer!

Best Roblox Survival Games

Survival: Apocalypse

Roblox Survival Apocalypse
Image via Roblox

This Roblox survival game is pretty self explanatory. The world ends, and you have to survive it! This game requires you to fight off many zombies and mutants that spawn everywhere on the map; the only way to kill these terrifying creatures and live is by scavenging the ravaged landscape around you for weapons. There are many more resources other than weapons lying around the map, so be sure to explore every nook and cranny if you want to win Survival: Apocalypse!

Natural Disaster Survival

Natural Disaster Survival on Roblox
Image via Roblox

Instead of running from zombies or other players in this game, your’re running from nature itself! You’re spawned on a tiny island where you have to dodge every attack nature throws at you, which is a lot harder than it sounds. Natural Disaster Survival throws every calamity thinkable at you while you’re playing, including disastrous volcanic eruptions and devastating earthquakes!

Shoot Out

Roblox Shoot Out Post Match
Image via Roblox

Shoot Out is more of a first person shooter game than a survival game, but there is definitely a lot of survival involved in this game! Shoot Out is a cowboy themed shooting game where you play against numerous other players in random maps. The first person to 26 kills wins, but this isn’t as easy as it sounds! You’ll have to dodge around obstacles on the map, avoid enemy players, and figure out how to use your weapon, which changes every time you get a kill!

Emergency Landing

Roblox Emergency Landing Simulator Screenshot
Screenshot via Roblox

Emergency landing is a game that simulates what it would be like to survive a plane crash. In Emergency Landing, you will start on board a commercial airline with numerous other players. The plane will, of course, have a crash landing in the middle of an empty field. Surviving this crash is only the beginning, however; not only do you have to survive the plane crash, but you also have to survive against the other players! The last one standing wins the round!

SCP Containment Breach Survival

SCP in SCP Containment Breach Survival on Roblox
Image via Roblox

Everyone loves SCP games, and Roblox SCP games definitely don’t disappoint (at least this one doesn’t). Like with most SCP games, this game is based on all of the supernatural monsters from the fictional SCP stories. These monsters are contained in an “inescapable” facility, whose security happens to fail at the worst time, releasing all of the deadly creatures! Avoid these monsters and try to fight back before they get you!


DOORS in Roblox
Image via Roblox

This survival game has a dash of horror added to it, which is always a welcome addition to any Roblox game. This horror/survival game is currently one of the most popular games on Roblox, and once you play it, you’ll understand why. This game puts players in a seemingly inescapable labyrinth full of doors and puzzles; the only way to win is by completing the maze, but it’s much more difficult than you’d think. You may think you’re alone in the labyrinth, but you couldn’t be more wrong!

Survive the Killer

Roblox Survive the Killer
Image via Roblox

Escape the Killer is like the Roblox version of Dead by Daylight. Just like in Dead by Daylight, you get to play with numerous other players, who can either play as the survivors or as the killer. The only way to escape the killer, if you’re a survivor, is my escaping the map before he gets you! If you’re the killer, however, the only way to win the game is by killing as many players as you can to prevent them from escaping.

Michael’s Zombies

Roblox Michael's Zombies
Image via Roblox

If Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies was made on Roblox, this is what it would look like. You have to defend yourself and your teammates from hordes of terrifying, supernatural zombies! The only way to fight back against these endless waves of undead enemies is to use the weapons that are provided, until you get enough points to trade in for even better weaponry. If you survive long enough in Michael’s Zombies, you even get to see who Michael actually is in the game!

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