5 Best Scary Roblox Games of 2020

There are hundreds of games in Roblox across a bunch of different genres. One type that has proven popular is scary Roblox games. Developers incorporate jump scares, spooky sounds, and terrifying storylines to create scary storylines and games that are hard to finish. They are fun to play, and these types of games are great for watching other people play.

Here’s our list of the five best scary Roblox games of 2020. These are some games that will have you frightened if you are playing solo or with some friends.

5 Best Scary Roblox Games of 2020

  • Dead Silence
  • The Apartment
  • Alone in a Dark House
  • School History
  • The Mirror

Dead Silence

One of the most popular scary Roblox games, and a fan favorite, is Dead Silence. Play with up to three friends or by yourself if you think you can handle it. Dead Silence is from a 2007 supernatural horror film. Jamie Ashen and Lisa anonymously receive a ventriloquist doll as a gift. Billy goes out to pick up some dinner while Lisa stays home and plays with the doll. 

When Billy returns, he finds Lisa dead with her tongue carved out. Inside the ventriloquist’s box is a message about a “Mary Shaw,” a dead ventriloquist from Raven’s Fair. Unravel the mystery of Mary Shaw in Dead Silence. 

5 Best Scary Roblox Games of 2020 | Dead Silence

The Apartment

The Apartment is a horror game where players can explore a large apartment building. You work your way up through various floors, either by yourself or with a friend. There are plenty of strange noises, mysterious figures, and jump scares on every level. The higher up you go, the creepier things get. 

The Apartment | 5 Best Scary Roblox Games of 2020

Alone in a Dark House

The title of this game explains it well. You find yourself alone in a dark house, and you need to explore it if you’re up for the task. You’ll come across a bunch of creepy objects and slowly piece together the horrors that went on in the house. We recommend trying Alone in a Dark House by yourself for the best experience. 

School History

School History is a horror game where you need to find out the mysteries of a school. It’s a good scary Roblox game to play with some friends. Work your way through the school while looking for keys and other tools to open up the doors. You never know what you might find behind the doors, but look out for jump scares.

School History Roblox

The Mirror

Staring at yourself in the mirror for too long might produce some undesirable effects. Your mind is the one playing tricks on you, not The Mirror. Beware of the creepy noises, and play by yourself in the dark if you want the full effect of this game. 

The Mirror

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