Division 2 Battery Park SHD Tech Cache Locations

Division 2: Warlords of New York has a few missions where players need to find SHD Tech Caches hidden around different parts of the city. These caches can contain some high-tier loot and finding them help with your game completion percentage. This guide will focus on the Battery Park SHD Tech Cache locations, so continue reading if you’re having some trouble finding them.

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Division 2 Battery Park SHD Tech Cache Locations

The first Battery Park SHD Tech Cache location is between Nassau Street and William Street. Start at the corner of Nassau St and John St. Jump on top of the white truck by the “FREE WI-FI” sign up to the scaffolding, then climb the rope to the rooftop.

Head across the roof and jump down to the lower level at the opening. Head towards the wall in front of you and take a right, and then a left on top of a duct. You’ll come to a ladder you need to climb up. On top of the ladder is where you’ll find the cache.

The second Battery Park SHD Tech Cache location is an easy one. Start at Trinity Crhuch safe house and head up Broadway. Take a left on Dey Street and look for a gate with a lock on it about halfway down the street. Shoot it to open the gate, and head inside where you’ll see a barrel above you that needs to be destroyed to bring the rope down. Climb up to the roof and you’ll see the cache on a table.

Jump up on the white truck and onto the scaffolding above the Laundromat. Make a right and climb up the rope to the top of the scaffolding, which is as high as you can go. Head forward a bit and you’ll see the cache on a big spool of wire.

Head to the northwest corner of Battery Park that you can see on the image posted below. Head into the entrance of the building across past the kegs and up the stairs to your left. At the top of the stairs, go in the room to the left where you’ll find the SHD cache between a bunch of corpses.

Head to the south of the map and east of Waterfront Control Point, to a restaurant called Myrtle. Climb to the top of the building, marked by a yellow tarp. You’ll see the SHD tech cache on top.

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