Are There Present Day Events in AC Mirage?

Ubisoft wants to take a bit more time fleshing things out.
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Assassin’s Creed (AC) as a franchise has existed in a sort of purgatory for the last few entries. And while the games aren’t inherently terrible, fans expressed a much-needed desire for change. The latest release, AC Mirage, aimed to take the series back to its roots in both story and gameplay. There are a plethora of callbacks to the very first game, and the gameplay represents a more true-to-form AC experience that fans have been wanting. What people don’t know, however, is how this all ties into the modern story that Ubisoft has attempted to tell post-Desmonds’ death in AC 3. All this as well as many other things, have made people wonder: are there present-day events in AC Mirage?

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Does AC Mirage Have Modern Day Events?

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There is an interesting intro to AC Mirage that hints at the main character, Basim, battling with a supernatural creature. Sadly, it seems that besides the first cutscene and the last, there are no present-day events in AC Mirage. A bit of a disappointment for some, as the connection to the modern-day timeline and how the stories of the past influence actions was a strong point in the overarching story. Even after the MC of AC 1-3 Desmond Miles kicked the bucket, there is a present-day story Ubisoft was telling prior to Mirage.

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If you’re not caught up with the narrative of the new-age Assassin’s Creed, we’ll try to avoid any major spoilers. Essentially, Basim, who is the main character of AC Mirage, is brought into the year 2020 via an Isu computer system at the end of AC Valhalla. He was told by the assassins of the present time that they’ll need to delve further into his memories to see if the stories he’s telling are true. This narrative seems completely missing from AC Mirage, and fans are split as to how they feel about it.

Furthermore, it seems the events of Mirage could be the very memories that Basim is showing the brotherhood. That being said, fans will continue to speculate, as Ubisoft plans to release an array of AC games following its 15-year anniversary of the franchise.

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