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Where Is the Ivory Coin’s Brooch in Assassin’s Creed Mirage?

Espionage is one of the many skillsets of an Assassin.
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During your time in Baghdad, you’ll need to help Basim take down the Order of the Ancients. This can vary in difficulty, but one particularly hard mission might need a bit of assistance. Your job is to figure out who the Treasurer of the Bazaar is and gain an audience with them. Discovering their identity is one half of the process, with the other requiring you to gain an audience with them. Furthermore, you’ll have to prove yourself to the guards with a certain symbol in order to meet the Treasurer. So, let’s conceal our identity and figure out where to find the Ivory Coin’s Brooch in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Where to Find Ivory Coin’s Brooch in Assassin’s Creed Mirage?

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Finding the Ivory Coin’s Brooch is part of the ‘Gilded Butterflies‘ investigation, with the goal of assassinating the Treasurer. But before you can get close enough to them, you’ll need to find yourself one of the Ivory Coin’s Brooch. The Ivory Coin is a merchant’s guild that deal in secret and are harboring someone from the Order of the Ancients. If you explore the Bazaar, you’ll find a spice merchant toward the south side of the Bazaar that will give you some information about the brooch.

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After talking to the merchant, head right until you see an enemy guarding a restricted area. Walk into this area and continue through this room until you reach the end of it. There are two guards in here you’ll have to take care of. Once dispatched, search the desk they were standing by, and you will find an Ivory Coin’s Brooch. If you’ve already found the other item you need, you can head back to the guard blocking the door to the treasurer, and they will let you inside. Allowing you to assassinate your target and clear one more evil-doer in Baghdad off your list.

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