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What do you get for catching all sea creatures in ACNH?

What do you get for catching all sea creatures in ACNH?

The summer updates added forty deep-sea creatures to Animal Crossing New Horizons. To catch these new critters, you will need to get yourself a wet suit and start swimming and diving in the sea around your island. Finding some sea creatures like the Giant Isopod can prove challenging but, usually, there’s a reward that makes it worthwhile. 

We already know you get the golden fishing rod for catching all the fish, and the golden net for capturing all the bugs. So what do you get for finding all the sea creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

What do you get for catching all sea creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons

After turning in your final deep-sea creature to Blathers, he will let you know the collection is complete. Unfortunately, all you get is a measly “thank you” from Blathers for this daunting task. While some players grind this accomplish out the night of the update, it’s disappointing to learn there is no reward.

Perhaps they could have added a golden wet suit, gold flippers, or a gold mask. Some reward like that would have made this all much more worthwhile. It seems odd they have an award for the other two critter categories, but nothing for sea creatures. Then again, you also get nothing for completing the fossil collection, so it’s not a huge surprise. 

Maybe there’s something in the mailbox, though? Waiting until the next day also reveals nothing. There’s nothing new in the mail, and no new items unlocked in the Nook Shop. With that said, there’s no rush to get all the sea creatures. It’s still something you will want to do if you are a completionist. 

One cool thing is that the sea creatures are now available to look at in the museum. You can find them scattered in with some of the fish exhibits. One exhibit contains the isopod, sea pig, and crabs. Overall, the catching deep-sea creatures is a fun new task in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and the exhibits make for some nice pictures.

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