Best Villagers in Animal Crossing

How to Make Villagers Move Out in Animal Crossing New Horizons
How to Make Villagers Move Out in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing has grown in popularity due to the villagers you can encounter on your travels. You can either find some rare villagers or come across annoying ones that you want to kick out. We’ve kicked out a few villagers during our gaming session, so trust us when we say we understand. Before we get started with this list, we wanted to point out that these characters are only the best because they’re our opinion. You might not like who ends up on this list, and that’s okay. With that being said, let’s get into who we think are the best villagers in Animal Crossing.

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Who are the Best Villagers in Animal Crossing?

The best villagers in Animal Crossing would have to be, in our opinion, Merengue, Ankha, Audie, Beau, Bunnie, Chrissy, Cherrie, Diana, Judy, and Raymond. If you’ve seen these names before, it’s because they’ve been voted pretty high on a lot of tier lists. In the beginning, Judy and Raymond were clawing at each other to become the most popular.

Today, it seems as if Kabuki has taken that top rank away from Raymond. Here’s why we believe that the characters we listed are popular and why they should forever be remembered as the best villager in Animal Crossing.

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10. Merengue

Merengue has always been an underrated character in the Animal Crossing franchise. She sports a strawberry shortcake appearance on her horn and has dreams of becoming a pastry chef. She enjoys reading, studying, and learning about desserts. She has a normal personality, which means she’s not lazy, or she’s not athletic. She’s a sweet rhinoceros to have on your island, and her house reminds us of a 50s diner.

9. Cherry

Not to be confused with Cheri, the bear, Cherry is a dog villager with reddish hot pink fur. She has a big sis type of personality, so she always ensures you’re good. Her aesthetic reminds us of someone who is into punk music. I love her vibes, clothes, and her constant need to want to sing. Since she enjoys music, you can always catch her listening to her stereo at home or singing around the village. She’s not everyone’s favorite, but she’s our favorite.

8. Bunnie

Bunnie has a peppy personality, and she’s all about anything cute-looking. She loves fashion and the colors green and pink, giving us a cottagecore feel. She’s obsessed with the color pink, and honestly, we get it. Some of her favorite catchphrases are “uhm” or “totally”, so don’t be surprised if you see her butting heads with snooty villagers. She has no time for that “all about me” energy they’re throwing.

7. Ankha

For a long time, Anhka was high on the tier list due to her home. She was considered a rare character you could find if you were trying to scout for new villagers on your island. This snooty cat resembles Egyptian culture and is said to represent the Cat goddess Bastet. The inside of her home makes you feel as if you’re inside of a pyramid. You see hieroglyphics everywhere and gold bars scattered around, which only confirms her queen status. Unfortunately, we never got her as a villager, but to this day, we still want her.

6. Diana

Diana is a sweet deer who brings peace wherever she goes. We love her pleasant vibes when she’s walking around town. She’s a white deer with rosy pink cheeks who enjoys taking long baths and pampering herself. When you first come across her, she might seem arrogant, but over time, she’s been one of the sweetest villagers on our island. Diana has a snooty personality and doesn’t mind spreading a little gossip. She reminds us of Regina George from Mean Girls when Cady first met Regina in the cafeteria.

5. Chrissy

We know what you’re thinking. How could Chrissy possibly beat Bunnie on our list? You might have noticed we’re a little bit obsessed with pink, cute, peppy, and snooty characters. Chrissy is higher up on our list purely because of her design. Both she and Bunnie enjoy fashion. However, Chrissy polka dot dress and matching ears make us think she’s way more involved with it. If you have Chrissy added to your village, you’ll find her home to be extra cute with everything pink inside (minus her red wallpaper and floors).

4. Beau

We 100% love Beau because he reminds us of the anime BEASTARS. If you’ve seen it, you already know that Beau resembles Louis. Trust us when we say that Beau is nothing like Louis in terms of personality. Beau is a precious, handsome, studious little deer who enjoys being laid back. Honestly, same Beau, we get it. He loves food, talks about it, and eats it, and it is just an overall vibe of his. This is why Beau is high on our list and our hearts.

3. Audie

Audie is a beautiful-looking wolf villager who has a peppy personality. Her character design is immaculate. Fanboys and girls all around thought Audie was one of the best characters you could have on your island. Unfortunately, she lost a lot of popularity as time passed, but she’s still one of our favorites. She’s always smiling, always has something positive to say, and is just a breath of fresh air. Honestly, she reminds us of our best friend because of how friendly she is. Audie should be your next best friend.

2. Judy

You knew this was coming. Judy making it to the top two in a popularity contest is common. This pastel, snooty, bright-eyed character has been a fan favorite from the very beginning. She always came head-to-two with Raymond. Players who want her on their island are going to have to pay millions using Nookazon. She reminds us of a K-Pop star or some type of celebrity when she enters a room. Judy may seem approachable, but trust us, she’s snooty for a reason. She knows she’s the best-dressed one out there, and she’s not afraid to tell you.

1. Raymond

The best villager in Animal Crossing New Horizons title goes to Raymond. Everyone, please give a round of applause. We all knew this was going to happen. Raymond, to this day, is still a top choice for players due to his appearance. Raymond, the cat villager, is the only character in Animal Crossing who has heterochromia iridium. This means that his left eye is green, and his right eye is brown. Not only are his eyes beautiful, but he also has a business professor appearance by wearing glasses and a suit. Raymond has a smug personality. However, he’s still very polite to everyone who talks to him.

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