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Animal Crossing New Horizons Deep-sea Creatures: Prices and Locations

Animal Crossing New Horizons Deep-sea Creatures Prices

A new Summer Update for Animal Crossing New Horizons introduces swimming, diving, and catching deep-sea creatures. Like bugs and fish, deep-sea creatures are catchable creatures. You can encounter them while swimming around in the sea. Also, deep-sea creatures have a price, shadow size, seasonality, and active hours. Here’s a complete list of Animal Crossing New Horizons deep-sea creatures prices and other information. 

Discovering a scallop during your diving adventures will help you encounter Pascal, a laid-back diver. Pascal can gift you mermaid themed DIY recipes, like the mermaid dresser, for different sea creatures. A list of deep-sea creatures is broken out by northern and southern hemispheres below. You can also find the exact months that each one is available. 

How to catch deep-sea creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The ocean opens up in the new update, allowing players to swim and dive in the sea around their island. Throw on your wetsuit and lookout for deep-sea creature shadows in the water. Each creature has a different size shadow, and when you spot one, you can press A to dive down and capture it. 

Players can donate sea creatures to Blathers at the museum. Blathers will take your deep-sea creature donations and throw them into the aquarium exhibit. Like other critters, you can also sell them and receive some bells. Some creatures are more valuable than others! 

Animal Crossing New Horizons deep-sea creatures: active hours, seasonality, and price

There are a total of 40 deep-sea creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons, which is ten more than New Leaf. Here is the complete list of sea creatures, active hours, seasonality, and price for the Northern Hemisphere.

NameActive HoursSeasonalityPrice
Abalone4 pm – 9 amJune – February1600
Acorn barnacleAll DayAll Year480
Chambered nautilus4 pm – 9 amMarch – June, September – November1440
Dungeness CrabAll DayJune – November1520
Firefly SquidAll DayMarch – June1120
Flatworm4 pm – 9 amAugust – September560
Gazami CrabAll DayJune – November1760
Giant Isopod9 am – 4 pm, 9 pm – 4 amJuly – October9600
Gigas Giant ClamAll DayMay – September12000
Horseshoe crab9 pm – 4 amJuly – September2000
LobsterAll DayDecember – January, April – June3600
Mantis shrimp4 pm – 9 amAll Year2000
Moon JellyfishAll DayJuly – September480
MusselAll DayJune – December1200
OctopusAll DayAll Year960
OysterAll DayJanuary – February, September – December880
Pearl oysterAll DayAll Year2240
Red king crabAll DayNovember – March6400
ScallopAll DayAll Year960
Sea anemoneAll DayAll Year400
Sea cucumberAll DayNovember – April400
Sea grapesAll DayJune – September720
Sea pig4 pm – 9 amNovember – February8000
Sea pineappleAll DayJuly – September1200
Sea slugAll DayAll Year4800
Sea starAll DayAll Year400
Sea urchinAll DayMay – September1360
SeaweedAll DayOctober – July480
Slate Pencil4 pm – 9 amMay – September1600
Snow crabAll DayNovember – April4800
Spider crabAll DayMarch – April9600
Spiny lobster9 pm – 4 amOctober – December4000
Spotted garden eelAll DayMay – October880
Sweet shrimp4 pm – 9 amSeptember – February1120
Tiger prawn4 pm – 9 amJune – September2400
Turban shell4 pm – 9 amMarch – May, September – December800
Umbrella OctopusAll DayMarch – May, September – October4800
Vampire Squid4 pm – 9 amMay – August8000
Venus’ Flower BasketAll DayOctober – February4000
WhelkAll DayAll Year8000

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