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Among Us Maps: Mira HQ, Polus, and Skeld

Among Us Maps: Mira HQ, Polus, and Skeld

Want to learn all the Among Us maps? Knowing all of the maps is essential to not look suspect in Among Us. Whether you’re an imposter trying to act human or a human merely trying to complete your tasks, you’ll need to know how to navigate. There are currently three maps in Among Us, including Mira HQ, Polus, and Skeld. Each map has different layouts with advantages and disadvantages for imposters and humans. 

Learning everything about each map takes time, and if you’re new to Among Us, you probably want to know the basics. All the locations have a few things in common and follow a similar layout pattern. They do, however, include different rooms and names.

Among Us Maps: Mira HQ, Polus, and Skeld

The three Among Us maps at the moment are Mira HQ, Polus, and Skeld. We’re going to go over each of them, show you the overviews, and explain the important things you should know about them. Let’s dive right in, starting with Mira HQ.

Mira HQ

Mira is the smallest map in the game, consisting of twelve rooms and a vent system. There are some great areas to plan your sabotage, and a Doorlog instead of a camera security system. Here are the important things to know about Mira HQ:

  • Tasks: There’s only a single visual task on this map, which is in MedBay. 
  • Sabotage: Three sabotage spots on the map are in the top right and center areas. 
  • Doors: You will not see any lockable doors on MiraHQ, which you can use to your advantage.
  • Vents: There are eleven vents found throughout this map. All vents connect to one system, which can be advantageous for imposters.
  • Security: The security system on this map is a Doorlog rather than cameras. The Doorlog keeps track of the last twenty players who pass through the sensors. 
  • Decontamination: The Decontamination corridor briefly closes when entering it. If you get stuck inside with an imposter, it could mean game over for you as they can enter and exit via the vents.


Polus is a larger map with fifteen different rooms and wide-open areas. The snowy Polus map’s vast areas allow imposters to get away undiscovered. While the sides of the map connect with corridors, the middle area is mostly open. Polus has a vitals feature, which allows players to see who’s still alive. Here are the essential things to know about Polus:

  • Tasks: There are two visual tasks in Polus, which are Clear Asteroids and Submit Scan.
  • Sabotage: Imposters can find three sabotage locations around the map, excluding the bottom right area. Doors are also closable, which you should keep in mind.
  • Vents: While there are no vents on Polus, there are holes that the imposter can move through. Two-thirds of these are on the top half of the map, so be careful up there. 
  • Security: The security system on Polus consists of six cameras, with only one being viewable at any time. There’s a single camera in the center and one in each of the side wings. 
  • Decontamination: There are decontamination rooms on Polus that temporarily lock. 


Among Us Skeld Map Overview

Skeld is the map most players are familiar with, as it is the original map in Among Us. It’s a larger map with fourteen rooms, including six small rooms on each side and two larger ones in the central area. Each room leads to corridors that connect to other places. Keep note of the Electrical room, as it is not under camera surveillance and has an easy escape route through the vents. Here are some things to know about Skeld:

  • Tasks: Skeld has the most visual tasks, making it a bit easier for the crewmates. There are fourteen Skeld tasks in total. 
  • Sabotage: The four sabotage areas are spread out equally around the map. You can find them in Communications, Electrical, O2, and the Reactor rooms. 
  • Vents: There are five vent connections throughout the map, which are all easy to access. You can likely memorize the locations from the map above.
  • Security: Security cameras allow players to see all four corridors at once. The two bottom rooms are not in the cams’ vision, along with the top right passage.

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