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All Quests in Genshin Impact A Muddy Bizarre Event

How to start the event?
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Genshin Impact is back-at-it-again with their limited-time events, and this time, we’re headed for the Chasm. Help a Sumeru researcher clean up this disgusting muddy mess by cleaning up the chasm together! Take on some chores to complete, but before you do, you want to make sure you have all the necessary quests and adventure rank finished before you take this event on. We’re here to give you insight on all the quests you need in order to complete A Muddy Bizarre Event!

All Quests Needed for A Muddy Bizarre Event

A Muddy Bizarre Event will start June 22nd and finish on July 4th, 2022. You need to venture to the Chasm to figure out where all this disgusting mud came from. In order to clean up the mud you’re going to want to use Purina Spikes. Before we get into that, here are all the quests and requirements you need to start A Muddy Bizarre Event.

  • Adventure Rank 28 or more
  • Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering World Quest Finished
  • Acquire the Lumenstone Adjuvant in “Chasm Spelunkers” World Quest 
  • Upgrade the Lumenstone Adjuvant to level 2

A Muddy Bizarre Adventure Event is an event that players can participate in to win primogems, heroes wit, mora, mystic enchantment ore, & level up materials.

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