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All Desert of Hadramaveth Shrines of Depths Locations in Genshin Impact

Discover the desert shrines.
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Genshin Impact never ceases to grow. Well, it is one of the biggest games available right now. Both in terms of revenue and player base. After all, an open world with anime style graphics and story-driven action is a combination made for success. And thanks to the new 3.4 update, a bunch of new content has been introduced in the game, Shrines of Depths being part of that. Here are the Desert of Hadramaveth Shrines of Depths locations.

Desert of Hadramaveth Shrines of Depths Locations

After the 3.4 update to Genshin Impact, several new Shrines of Depths have been implemented and appear across the Desert of Hadramaveth. You will need to find them across the barren lands surrounding Mt. Damavand and fly across the sands to find the following shrines:

  • Shrine 1: north of Khaj Nisut. From the east waypoint, glide all the way to the shrine.
  • Shrine 2: top of a rock fin, located north of The Sands of Three Canals.
  • Shrine 3: west of the Desert of Hadramaveth, in the Wounded Shin Valley.

In order to open each of these shrines in Sumeru, you will have to collect Sumeru Shrine of Depths Keys. Here is the list of the keys locations for you to use them and open the Shrines of Depths.

Sumeru Shrine of Depths Keys

Sumeru Statues of the Seven2
Sumeru Statues of the Seven4
Sumeru Statues of the Seven6
Sumeru Statues of the Seven8
Sumeru Statues of the Seven9
Sumeru Statues of the Seven10
Sumeru Tree of Dreams8
Sumeru Tree of Dreams18
Sumeru Tree of Dreams28
Sumeru Tree of Dreams38

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You better find those shrines located across the Desert of Hadramaveth to collect the rewards you will be able to find inside. Just follow the above guide and locations, and you will be set to the right path to opening those shrines.

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