All Dawning Recipes for Eva's Holiday Oven in Destiny 2 (2021)
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All Dawning Recipes for Eva’s Holiday Oven in Destiny 2 (2021)

All Dawning Recipes for Eva's Holiday Oven in Destiny 2 (2021)

2021’s Dawning event has rolled out right in the middle of Destiny 2’s 30th Anniversary celebration. To say we’re being spoiled with content would be a bit of an understatement. 

Just like last year, we’re going to be baking a bunch of goodies for the good denizens of Sol. There are over 20 total recipes altogether and even more ingredients. So, rather than leaving you to figure them out for yourself, I’ve put them together in a handy table for you to reference. Below you’ll find a list of all Dawning 2021 Recipes for Eva’s Holiday Oven in Destiny 2.

All the Dawning 2021 Recipes for Eva’s Holiday Oven

Here are all the 2021 Dawning recipes for Eva’s Holiday Oven in Destiny 2:

Ikora ReyTraveler Donut HolesCabal Oil + Flash of Inspiration
Commander ZavalaGjallardoodlesVex Milk + Delicious Explosion
Lord ShaxxVanilla BladesCabal Oil + Sharp Flavor
The DrifterDark Chocolate MotesTaken Butter + Null Taste
Banshee-44Telemetry TapiocaVex Milk + Bullet Spray
Ada-1Hot Crossfire BunsEther Cane + Balanced Flavors
HawthorneEliksni BirdseedEther Cane + Personal Touch
Tess EverisBright-Dusted SnowballsChitin Powder + Multifaceted Flavors
Saint-14Lavender Ribbon CookiesVex Milk + Personal Touch 
Eva LevanteClassic Butter CookiesTaken Butter + Superb Texture
Amanda HollidayChocolate Ship CookiesCabal Oil + Null Taste
CrowBittersweet BiscottiDark Ether Cane + Balanced Flavors
Eris MornAscendant Oatmeal Raisin CookiesChitin Powder + Finishing Touch 
Devrim KayGentleman’s ShortbreadEther Cane + Perfect Taste
Shaw HanBlueberry CrumblersEther Cane + Bullet Spray
VariksEtheric ColdsnapsChitin Powder + Electrical Flavor
XurStrange CookiesTaken Butter + Electric Flavor
Petra VenjIll-Fortune CookiesDark Ether Cane + Impossible Heat
FailsafeInfinite Forest CakeVex Milk + Impossible Heat

It’s worth pointing out that there are a few unique and new recipes not included on the above list. For starters, The Pigeon Provides questline is for baking Eliksni treats for Mithrax and his crew, but Saint puts the food together, you just gather the ingredients. 

Destiny 2 Eva's Holiday Oven The Pigeon Provides

The Rite of Dawning quest is similar except it’s for the Cabal. There are also new treats for Mara Sov and Elsie Bray (the Exo Stranger) that I’m not sure how to bake yet. So if you need one of them, check back soon for an update. 

These 19 are the basic Dawning recipes for the event, though, and will cover 99% of the space baking you do for the next few weeks.

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