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All Changes and Patch Notes from Dead by Daylight’s June 2022 Update

It's a whole new Trial out there.
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Once you get past the initial horror facade of Dead by Daylight, it becomes a highly competitive game of tag, one where careful metagaming is a borderline necesitity. This is why it’s so important to stay on top of the latest changes to the game; when the meta changes, entirely new strategies can either manifest or go out the window. With their new June 2022 Developer Update, the devs of the game have ensured that both will undoubtedly happen. Here are all of the changes and patch notes from Dead by Daylight’s June 2022 update.

All Changes and Patch Notes from Dead by Daylight’s June 2022 Update

This update is dense, to say the absolute least, featuring major overhauls to Dead by Daylight’s bedrock mechanics and popular meta-pick perks. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get right to it.

Progression Changes

To make obtaining perks easier, the devs are swapping out the current system for a more streamlined one. Now, when you prestige any character (raise them to level 50), first-tier versions of all of their perks are automatically added to every other character’s inventory. No more futzing with the Bloodweb. Additionally, prestiging a character will no longer reset their perks, add-ons, items, and offerings. Their level will still reset, but they will be functionally the same. Finally, prestiging can now be performed endlessly, with prestige levels beyond 5 unlocking cool charms of that character’s perks. Those who are already at or near prestige when the transition occurs will have their progress preserved.

Matchmaking Incentives

When the matchmaking lobbies are lopsided toward Survivors or Killers, the game will offer incentives for players to take up the other role and balance things out. These incentives include Bloodpoint bonuses ranging from +25% to +100%. Different players receive different incentives based on their play history and region. These incentives will be turned off if you have cross-play disabled.

Gameplay Updates

To improve the state of the game and the meta, the devs are making changes to three of the game’s base mechanics.

Firstly, Generators will take an additional ten seconds to fully power up at baseline. A Killer kicking a Generator will also lower its progression by 2.5% of its maximum meter. This is to aid Killers who don’t have Generator-slowing perks.

Secondly, Killers in general are being buffed. Pallet breaks and Generator kicks will be faster, basic attacks have shorter cooldowns that give shorter speed boosts to hit survivors, and Bloodlust builds up faster.

Third, to discourage camping and tunneling, Survivors will receive Endurance and Haste buffs for several seconds after being unhooked. These buffs will be ended prematurely if a Survivor performs a “conspicuous action,” which includes healing, repairing Generators, opening Exit Gates, or any action generally made with the intent to progress objectives.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Meta Perk Changes

The devs are overhauling a variety of Killer and Survivor perks with the intent of offering better balance in the game’s meta. Those perks and a brief summation of their changes are as follows:


  • Barbecue & Chili: Bloodpoint bonus removed
  • Hex: Ruin: Regression speed reduced to 50/75/100%
  • Pop Goes The Weasel: Generator penalty reduced to 20% of current (not total) progress
  • Corrupt Intervention: Deactivates when a Survivor enters the Dying state
  • Tinkerer: Can only activate once per Generator
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death: Survivors can see the Hex Totem’s aura within 4m when it activates
  • Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance: Loud noise notification and Survivor scream removed


  • Dead Hard: Provides Endurance for 1 second when activated
  • Decisive Strike: Deactivates when Exit Gates are powered, stun duration reduced to 3 seconds
  • Borrowed Time: Endurance effect lengthened by 6/8/10 seconds, Haste effect lengthened by 10 seconds, cancelled by Conspicuous Actions
  • Iron Will: Reduces pain grunt occurence by 25/50/75%, deactivates when exhausted
  • Self-Care: Heal speed reduced to 25/30/35%, item bonus removed
  • Spine Chill: Only activates when a Killer has clear line of sight, lingers for 0.5 seconds, vault speed bonus removed

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Non-Meta Perk Changes

These updates are more for basic upkeep and balancing purposes, and won’t have as much impact on the overall meta.


  • Overcharge: Boosts regression speed from 100% to 400% over the course of 30 seconds
  • Eruption: Regression penalty increased to 10%, incapacitation effect incresed to 15/20/25 seconds
  • Knock Out: Affected Survivors crawl 50% slower for 15 seconds and recover 25% slower
  • Coulrophobia: Increases the speed of skill checks in its area of effect by 50%
  • Dark Devotion: Activates whenever an Obsession loses a health state
  • Jolt: Cooldown removed
  • Lethal Pursuer: Extends the duration of all aura reading effects by 2 seconds
  • Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain: Action speed penalty increased to 10/13/16%
  • Thanatophobia: Action speed penalty increased to 4.5/5/5.5% per Survivor
  • Monstrous Shrine: Is now a Scourge Hook perk, turns all Basement hooks into Scourge Hooks with 10/15/20% faster Entity progression when the Killer is further than 24 meters away


  • Calm Spirit: Opening Chests and Blessing Totems are silent, but 40/35/30% slower.
  • Saboteur: Scourge Hooks are highlighted in yellow
  • Botany Knowledge: Healing speed buff increased to 30/40/50%
  • Off the Record: Gain Endurance for 60/70/80 seconds after being unhooked, cancelled by Conspicuous Actions
  • Lucky Break: Every second spent healing another Survivor increases Lucky Break’s duration by 1 second
  • Pharmacy: Guarantees a Med-Kit when searching a Chest while injured
  • Sole Survivor: Increases Generator repair speed by 75% and Exit Gate opening by 50% when you’re the last Survivor
  • Distortion: Gain 1 Distortion token for every 30 seconds spent with the Killer’s Terror Radius
  • Lightweight: Scratch marks are more sporadic and fade 5/4/3 seconds sooner
  • Deja Vu: Grants 5% repair speed to revealed Generators
  • No One Left Behind: Grants 7% speed bonus to any Survivors you unhooked, activates when Exit Gates are powered rather than opened
  • Dark Sense: Activates when a Generator is powered; reveals Killer’s aura for 5/7/10 seconds when they are within 24m of you
  • Tenacity: Reduces pain grunts by 75% in dying state
  • Hope: Duration removed
  • Overzealous: Repair speed bonus from cleansing a Hex Totem doubled
  • We’re Gonna Live Forever: Bloodpoint bonus removed, healing a Survivor from dying grants them Endurance for 6/8/10 seconds

The devs haven’t given a concrete timeframe for when these overhauls will be added to the main game. However, they are slated to be added to the PTB sometime next week. If you need more information on any of the changes outlined here, you can find the complete patch notes on the game’s official blog. Don’t forget to check out our Dead by Daylight section as well for any further updates.

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