How to Recharge Ki in Zenkai Origins

How to Recharge Ki in Zenkai Origins

Learn how to recharge your Ki and increase your total Ki pool in Zenkai Origins
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Roblox’s new Dragon Ball-inspired game, Zenkai Origins, allows players to make their own characters and venture through Earth. Each character can have various melee, Ki, and other skills, which can be obtained from the shop. To use the Ki moves, you’ll need to pay attention to your energy bar. If you’re mid-fight and running on fumes, you’ll want to know how to recharge it. Here’s how to recharge your Ki in Zenkai Origins.

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Before we show you how to recharge your Ki, there is also a way to increase your maximum Ki. If you press “M” to open the menu, you can click on the “Stats” menu to allocate the points you get from leveling up. Putting points into Max Ki will increase your total Ki pool, allowing you to use abilities more often. You can purchase Ki abilities from the shop on the menu using Zeni. Now that you know how to get more Ki overall and purchase the relevant abilities, what about charging it up?

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How to recharge your Ki

To recharge your Ki in Zenkai Origins, press and hold “C” on your keyboard. Your Ki pool will recharge over time while you power up. While you gain more Ki, you are unable to do anything else. You will want to make sure your position is good if you need to do this mid-battle. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to recharge your Ki between fights. You can recharge or “power-up” either on the ground or in mid-air.

Using moves and flying super fast around the map will drain your Ki over time. Each ability will cost a specific number of Ki, with more powerful abilities draining it more quickly. There are certain classes in Zenkai Origins that get benefits to Ki. Namekian, for instance, gets a move that regenerates a third of their HP and Ki. Unlike the others, the Majin race’s form does not run out or deactivate if they run out of Ki. Saiyan gets a form that makes their abilities and flying cost no Ki at all.

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