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Zenkai Origins Map and Locations

A complete Zenkai Origins map and a list of all locations currently in the game

The new Dragon Ball-inspired Roblox game, Zenkai Origins, immerses players in the world of the classic anime series. Players can explore the vast open world, but finding things can be challenging at first. Not to worry, though, because we’ve got you covered with a map that you can refer to at any time to get your bearings. Here’s a look at the Zenkai Origins map and all locations.

There are sixteen locations and one mysterious location currently available on the Zenkai Origins map. The entire map is an island with smaller islands and a large body of water surrounding it. The world is quite large, so it’s easy to get lost. Luckily, you can refer to this map at any time if you ever have a specific quest or need to find a particular location. Remember to press the Shift key and double-tap the W key to fly super fast!

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Zenkai Origins Map

The map is sourced by the Zenkai Origins developers on their official Trello. Tap the image to make it larger.

Zenkai Origins Locations

Here are all of the Zenkai Origins locations:

  • Forest – Starting location and home to Chichi
  • Diablo Desert – A desert in western Mount Paozu
  • Satan City – A large city north of Mount Paozu
  • Kame House – Home to Master Roshi
  • Pilaf Castle – Once home to Emperor Pilaf
  • West City – The famous megalopolis
  • Korins Tower – Home to Korin
  • East City – Location of Orin Temple
  • Wasteland – A rocky wasteland of Earth
  • Canyons – A rocky area with Army troops
  • Central City – The capital of Earth, and has a clothing store that changes stock every hour
  • Baba Palace – Home to Fortuneteller Baba
  • Kamis Lookout – A platform above Korins Tower
  • Yunzabit Heights – An island where Nameless Namekian landed
  • Cell Games – A tournament hosted by Cell to showoff his power
  • World Martial Art Tournament – The intergalactic fighting arena

This is the current Zenkai Origins map and all locations in the game up to this point. The map will likely change, and the developers may introduce new areas and content as the game evolves.

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