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World Flipper Update: Shadowflash Serpent Spotlight Portal and Event

World Flipper Update: Shadowflash Serpent Spotlight Portal and Event

World Flipper global maintenance has concluded, and the new update is here as of October 5, 2021. The latest update introduces the Shadowflash Serpent Spotlight Portal, highlighting four featured Wind characters with increased chances to summon. Additionally, a new Event and Daily Mission are now available to complete for bonus Lodestar Beads and unique Armaments. Here’s everything you need to know about the World Flipper Shadowflash Serpent update.

World Flipper Shadowflash Serpent Spotlight Portal

The most notable addition to this update is the launch of a new limited-time Shadowflash Serpent Spotlight Portal. In this portal, players have increased odds of pulling the following characters:

  • Celtie (5-star Wind unit)
  • Leon (5-star Wind unit)
  • Melsele (4-star Wind unit)
  • Helga (4-star Wind unit)

It’s an excellent opportunity to try your luck at pulling Celtie, one of the most vital Wind units in the game. Five-star units have a 5% chance of showing up in general, and these featured characters have their odds increased to 1% from 0.23%. Likewise, the four-star units, which have a 25% chance of pulling, have their odds increased to 2% from 0.807%.

You can view the rates in-game by tapping on the rates button underneath the Pull button on each banner.

World Flipper Shadowflash Serpent Event and Mission

There are two new limited-time activities available in the form of an event and mission.

Ilco Opus, the Shadowlfash Serpent

The first event challenges players to defeat Ilco Opus, the Shadowflash Serpent, between October 5 and 20, 2021. Defeat Ilco Opus for Gold Ilco Opus Denarius or Silver Ilco Opus Denarius, and exchange them for various items, including:

  • Shadowflash Sword 5-star Armament
  • Shadowflash Spear 4-star Armament
  • Jupiter Element, etc.

To trade in your Denarius, head to the Event tab, and go to the Item Exchange or Shop, and then the Event Item Exchange. Boss boosts cannot be used for this event, and you must clear Chapter 1 Stage 8-4 to participate.

Shadowflash Serpent daily mission

The other new activity is the Shadowflash Serpent daily mission, available every day from October 5 through 20. Clear the missions every day to claim your rewards. Some missions may require main story progress. The daily missions reset at 20:00 UTC.

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