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How to get Murakumo in World Flipper

How to get Murakumo in World Flipper

Murakumo is a five-star Wind unit in World Flipper that you can get for free. It’s not an easy road to unlock this powerful unit, but it may be worth the effort depending on the team you’d like to build. New players may have heard of this character but have no idea how to unlock him. For that reason, we’re here to explain how to get Murakumo in World Flipper, so new players or players without the knowledge can learn how to do it.

How to get Murakumo in World Flipper

There are two ways to get Murakumo in World Flipper:

  1. Purchase Murakumo from Orochi’s Boss Coin Exchange.
  2. Get Murakumo as a reward in the Orochi Boss Battle.

To get Murakumo in World Flipper, you need to exchange 500 Gold Orochi Denarius at Orochi’s Boss Coin Exchange. You can obtain Gold Orochi Denarius from defeating the Orochi Boss Battle. You can also receive Murakumo as a reward, but the drop chance is very low (thought to be around 1%).

How to get Murakumo in World Flipper

How to beat Orochi in World Flipper

Here are some tips to help you defeat Orochi in World Flipper:

  • Have a team with around 4,000 Power or higher.
  • Use levitate to extend your combos.
  • Use piercing to get to Orochi reliably.
  • Break Orochi whenever possible.
  • Have a healer on your team.

First, you’ll want some units that grant levitate. The skill allows you to extend your combos and increase your flipper power. The higher your power flipper count, the more damage you’re going to do when you land those hits. It’s a basic thing you may know by now, but it’s imperative in this fight.

Piercing armaments are extremely useful in the Orochi battle. The reason you want piercing is that Orochi spawns objects to block the path to the breakpoint. You can freely move through these objects and safely hits the breakpoint, which brings us to our next point. You can get piercing weapons from Orochi’s Boss Coin Exchange. Some items to pick up include:

  • Serpentsbane: While Pierce, +17.5% Attack buff (Party)
  • Ame-no-Habakiri: While Pierce, +25% Attack buff (Party)

Always break Orochi whenever possible. That means when the crosshairs show up in front of Orochi, you need to hit them. If Orochi gets off the flame breath, you can say goodnight to your units. Flame breath isn’t the only dangerous skill, though.

A lot is going on in this battle, including poisons and various skills with an area of effect damage. Your units are going to lose health, and there’s no one way around it. For that reason, you need a healer on your squad. Phiria, the Wind unit, is a great option here because it heals your party and grants levitate, which we know is very effective for this fight.

How good is Murakumo in World Flipper?

Murakumo is a great unit in many teams, regardless of element. Murakumo deals exceptional damage to downed foes thanks to the Crescent Noon skill. If this unit is the last to use their skill on a downed enemy, you can expect some big numbers!

Here are Murakumo’s stats in World Flipper (Global):

  • Skill: Crescent Noon – Draws on ancient power, increasing attack and damage inflicted on downed foes.
  • Leader: Steeled Resolve – When battle starts, +30% to Skill Gauge (Wind units) and +40% Attack buff.
  • Ability
    • When the battle starts, 60% Attack buff for 30 seconds (Self).
    • Increases debuff success rate against self enemies.
    • When entering fever, give party Levitate for X seconds
    • When set as your main unit and he activates a skill, get +6% to Skill Gauge up to 3 times (Wind units)

The grind for Murakumo will take dozens of successful Orochi runs. You can get very lucky and get one as a drop, but it will most likely be a long journey. It may be worth it for you to grind it out, but only you can make that decision.

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