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World Flipper Kaleidoscope Necropolis Event and Portal

World Flipper Kaleidoscope Necropolis Event and Portal
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The World Flipper Kaleidoscope Necropolis Event is now live through October 19. Players get an opportunity to win some powerful armaments, unique items, and face off against tough dungeon bosses. Get started with the preparation mission and try your luck in the Conquest Spotlight Portal. Here’s everything you need to know about the World Flipper Kaleidoscope Necropolis Event, including the rewards, schedule, and details.

Access the event by tapping on the Events tab from the main screen. You’ll need a strong team to get through these comfortably!

World Flipper Kaleidoscope: The Necropolis

The Necropolis is a difficult quest in which you can fight powerful bosses one after another. It’ll become available as you progress through the Main Quests.

How to play

The Necropolis has multiple zones, each with a boss lying in wait. Defeating the boss allows you to advance to the next zone. You’ll clear the quest if you can defeat all the bosses in a row. You can only use one Continue per quest.

Unlocking areas

Once you clear the door in the Depths, one area for each of the six elements is unlocked. Clearing an area unlocks the next area.

Kaleidoscope Necropolis Rewards

Clear the elemental areas to earn Dreamer’s Crests and powerful equipment. Rewards for each area are as follows:

  • Dark – The Hand of Orcus, Dreamer’s Crest, Pluto Element, Dusk Element, Midnight Element
  • Light – Heimdall’s Sword, Dreamer’s Crest, Sun Element, Beam Element, Luster Element
  • Wind – Aeolian Bow, Dreamer’s Crest, Uranus Element, Gust Element, Gale Elemtn
  • Thunder – Thor’s Hammer, Dreamer’s Crest, Jupiter Element, Zap Element, Thunderbolt Element
  • Water – Spear of Okeanos, Dreamer’s Crest, Neptune Element, Deluge Element, Tidalwave Elemtn
  • Fire – Prometheus Blade, Dreamer’s Crest, Mars Element, Flame Element, Inferno Element

Kaleidoscope Boost Points

Kaleidoscope Boost Points are points that can only be used in Daily Quests to increase certain rewards. You can spend three per day. Kaleidoscope Boost Points are restored to the maximum at 5:00 am every day. Any points or stamina used will be returned if you abort a battle or get a game over.

World Flipper The Necropolis: Conquest Spotlight Portal

The first new portal since Global launch is available for pulls! The portal features increased rates for the following characters:

  • Sonia (5-star)
  • Phiria (5-star)
  • Rams (4-star)
  • Hanabi (4-star)
World Flipper The Necropolis: Conquest Spotlight Portal

There’s a lot of great units up for grabs, especially if you’re looking to build a Wind team or Thunder team! The new Portal is open in World Flipper (Global) from September 20 through September 27, 2021.

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