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How to get Owlbert in World Flipper

How to get Owlbert in World Flipper

Owlbert may only be a two-star unit, but he is undoubtedly one of the best Unison characters in World Flipper. The best part about Owlbert is that it’s an easy character to unlock. This guide will show you how to get Owlbert in World Flipper, including which world you need to be in and which quest to complete.

Owlbert is one of the few characters you can utilize across many different team builds of different elements. Combine this character with some of the top World Flipper tier list units to form some excellent team compositions. First, you’ll need to know how to get Owlbert in World Flipper.

How to get Owblert in World Flipper

To get Owlbert in World Flipper, you will need to complete Stage 4 in World 1 on EX mode. After completing EX 4-1, Attack From Above, you will have a chance to unlock Owlbert. It is not guaranteed, but many players have obtained Owlbert on the first completion.

If you are unsure how to complete worlds in EX mode, you’ll first need to complete them on normal difficulty. When you fully complete World 1 on normal, you can go back through the quest menu and choose to play through on EX difficulty.

How to get Owblert in World Flipper 2

Owlbert is a highly sought-after support-class Wind character due to the Levitate Owl Boost skill. Having Levitate allows players to avoid things, build longer combos, and fill up their gauges quicker. You can utilize this character in compositions like the Light team build and many others.

World Flipper Owlbert Stats

Here is a breakdown of Owlbert’s stats in World Flipper:

  • Skill: Owl Boost – Grants levitate to all allies and increases the attack and skill damage of all parties.
  • Skill Gauge: 600
  • Ability:
    • While Levitate is active, +7.5% Attack Buff (Party)
    • +10% Levitate Time
    • Boost Levitate skill damage
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