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World Flipper Light Team Build

Learn the best World Flipper light team build, leader, unison characters, and armament to use!
World Flipper Light Team Build

So you’ve chosen the path of the Light, and you need to know the best World Flipper Light team build? Luckily, we’ve got you covered with exactly what you’re looking for, including the must-have characters and the main and unison characters you will need to pull it off. The Light team comp is arguably the highest damage dealing build in the game in the World Flipper Global release.

At the moment, there is more or less one primary World Flipper Light team build that’s viable in the game. It all revolves around Ellya and Sha Suzu, so you will want to make sure you have these characters if you want to consider using a strong Light team build.

Check our World Flipper tier list for more information and build ideas!

World Flipper Light team builds:

Ellya comp (damage)

Leader GroupWorld Flipper Ellya
World Flipper Keira
WorlWorld Flipper Whitetail's Axe
Whitetail’s Axe
Group 2World Flipper Sha Suzu
Sha Suzu
World Flipper Owlbert
World Flipper Canyon Consul
Canyon Consul
Group 3World Flipper Razelt
World Flipper Finn
World Flipper Memory Mirage
Memory Mirage

The team revolves around Ellya. She will be the leader and core damage dealer with excellent self buffs. Ellya will be supported by Keira, a character that provides excellent damage buffs. She is easily the best unison for the leader group, but there are some viable runner-ups.

An alternate unit here would be Yuna. She provides good scaling damage and some decent buffs. She is not a better option than Keira, but a viable unison sub nonetheless.

World Flipper Team Light Build Ellya

Best Light characters in World Flipper


  • Skill – Luminous Splash: Sends orbs of light fanning out, inflicting light damage on hit foes (damage increases with number of buffs on Ellya) / Restores HP
  • Skill Gauge – 420
  • Leader – Glow of Passion: +100% Skill Damage (Light Units)
  • Ability
    • Activate(s) a skill -> +5% Attack Buff (Self)(Max +25%) and +10% to Skill Gauge
    • Recovers HP -> +18% Skill damage (Self)(Max +90%)
    • When set as your main unit, Light units activate(s) a skill -> +12% Skill Damage (Self)(Max+60%) and +10% to Skill Gauge
World Flipper Keira


  • Skill – Piercing Rush: Cuts through the closest target in the blink of an eye, inflicting light damage on all foes in that direction (Damage increases with number of buffs on Keira)
  • Skill Gauge – 500
  • Leader – See something, Do Something: +50% Attack Buff (light units)
  • Ability
    • +25% Attack Buff (self)
    • Recovers HP -> 6% Attack buff (Self)(Max+60%)
    • When set as your main unit, while Attack Buff +70% Attack buff (Self). When set as your main unit, while revive, +70% skill damage (Self)
World Flipper Light team build Razelt


  • Skill – Lord’s Aegis: Generates a shield wall, increasing the debuff resistance, attack, and all elemental resistance of all allies, Grants Recover
  • Skill Gauge – 530
  • Leader – Blood of Kings: +40% Attack Buff (Light Units), Light units recover HP -> 4% ATtack Buff (other unit)(Max +40%) and +1.5% Dark Resistance (Max 15%)
  • Ability
    • While another unit’s HP is above 80%, +60% Attack buff (party)
    • x10 Self takes damage -> 10s 30% Attack buff (party)
    • When set as your main unit, takes damage in place of all other allied units and +80% Dark Resistance ((self) and HP +30%
World Flipper Finn


  • Skill – Glistening Edge: Flings his brilliant blade forward, inflicting light damage on hits foes, grants recovery to all allies, and increases the attack of all parties.
  • Skill Gauge – 500
  • Leader – Vice Captain of the Guard: While Light unit’s HP is above 60%, +50% Attack Buff (other units), and +30% Dark Resistance
  • Ability 
    • While HP is above 60%, +40% Attack Buff (Self)
    • Gains Attack Buffs -> up to 10 times, heal 2.5% of HP
    • When set as your main unit, while your above is above 60%, +45% Attack Buff (Light units)

World Flipper Light team armaments

The best armaments for the Light team build are:

  • Whitetail’s Axe – When a thunder character’s skill activates, skill damage +40% (Max +200%)
  • Old Staff – Self activates(s) a skill -> 5% skill damage (party)
  • Memory Mirage – +15% Attack buff (party)
  • Canyon Consul – If party has more than three race units, +30% Attack Buff (party)
  • Uninscribed Gauntlet – While HP is above 80%, +25% Attack Buff (self)

Whitetail’s Axe is arguably the most important armament for the Light team in World Flipper. The reason being is that the primary weapon procs its effect on any thunder skill from the main slot. Sha Suzu will be triggering this ability, making it the best-in-slot item, hands down.

That concludes our best World Flipper light build, team compositions, and setup. If you find this useful, bookmark the page and check back in future updates! We will likely change things up depending on the meta.

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