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Will the Archeology update ever happen in Minecraft?

Will they be digging back up this update?
archeology in minecraft
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Ever since Archeology was revealed to us in Minecon 2020, and then shelved, Minecraft players have been keeping it in the back of their minds. With a recent tweet from @_Ulraf_ on Twitter, we believe that the archeology update may be back in business. Following the addition of the Piglin head in the latest snapshot, Ulraf had a little something to say.

Is the Archeology update back on the menu?

Following the 22w46a snapshot with the addition of the Piglin head, @Slicedlime on Twitter made an announcement on the platform. Ulraf then retweeted it, stating that the mob heads were just the beginning, and suggesting that they have a lot more to come. More specifically, the Minecraft developer ends the tweet with some interesting hints.

We know that the 1.20 update has not yet had all of its content revealed to us, and there are many features that have remained in the dark. Ulraf’s retweet makes two allusions to the archeology update, with the phrases “dusted” and “dig up”. To cement the tease even further, many people have also made this realisation to which they replied in the comments. All Ulraf has to say to these comments is bashful and playful responses, such as “It’s a SHECRET” or “Shh don’t tell any one”.

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Ulraf here is most likely hinting towards the long-shelved archeology update, that many players were looking forward to. However, it got left out of the fragmented Caves and Cliffs update. With Mojang having recently gotten their update schedule organised, then maybe it is time for the Archeology update to come back out of hiding.

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