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How to Make Landmines in Minecraft

An invisible trap is the best trap!
explosion in minecraft
Image via Mojang

Minecraft is often known a tranquil game of building and crafting. Well, today we will be doing a little destruction and despair as we use the game’s own items to construct invisible landmines to fool your friends and destroy your enemies. There are many ways to utilize landmines, and many ways to utilize them for your means. Here is how to build a landmine is Minecraft.

How to make a landmine in Minecraft

Wireless redstone

With the Caves and Cliffs updates, the sculk sensors are something to be feared. The bone-tingling rattles make up a network that often is followed by the soul-shaking roar of the Warden. The sculk sensors do more than summon the warden, however. They act as sound-induced wireless redstone.

Sculk sensors let off a redstone signal when activated, the strength of the signal depending on how close the sound was. So upon hearing any noise in its 8 block radius will activate the redstone signal. You can see where we are going with this.

It’s a trap!

Constructing the landmine is very dangerous work, so make sure to be extremely careful. For one mine, you will need one sculk sensor and one TNT block. Making the actual landmine is easy. It’s the escaping yourself that is the hard part.

Choose the area that you want to rig with the mine. Make sure there are no animals wandering around, or sources of noise. Then, dig three blocks straight down. Place the TNT block at the bottom and put the sculk sensor on top. Now, you cannot cover the hole, as placing the block will trigger the sensor which will trigger the TNT.

landmine in minecraft
Image via Mojang

If you wanted to, you could leave the hole exposed, as an unsuspecting victim won’t think the hole is a big deal, or will even go over to investigate it. In either case, it will be triggered.

Wool, however, can be placed without triggering the sensor. A random block of wool or carpet, however will be suspicious. If your enemy is expecting such devious traps, then you can use the association with wool to your advantage. Making a whole woolen strip will terrify your enemy, forcing them to find another way around.

lots of carpet in minecraft
Image via Mojang

Would you take the risk?

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Possible variations

The landmine on its own is very avoidable as players will hear the TNT and will run away before the explosion hits them. For this reason, you may want to consider these variations.

Long fuse landmine

The problem with the design is that players can really get some distance if they are running upon activation and run away. For this reason, you can use redstone repeaters to chain the signal all the way to a TNT block further ahead.

extended fuse in minecraft
Image via Mojang

If you know the direction that your victim will be running in, you can set up the TNT block much further away, so when they activate the TNT, they won’t hear the fizzle of the use until it is too late.

Run for your life

Instead of using redstone to lay your extended fuse, why not just use more TNT? An TNT explosion will trigger another TNT block within its radius. With this, you could pull off a chain reaction of TNT explosions that will certainly catch up with the fleeing player.

run for your life in minecraft
Image via Mojang

The explosions will soon catch up to them. Make sure to place the TNT blocks 5 blocks away for the most efficiency of blowing stuff up and gaining on your opponent.

Cluster bomb

Alternatively, taking inspiration from the both of them, you could simply have a long repeater fuse that leads to activating numerous TNT blocks at the same time in a line, or in a huge cluster at the end. The image below uses both suggestions for a huge payload.

cluster bomb in minecraft
Image via Mojang

I’ll be surprised if they can escape this one. And by the way, the longer your fuse, the better.

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